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"My Child Won't Listen!"
5 Keys to Stress-Free Homeschooling

How to Transition from Mom to Teacher

Dear Homeschooling Mom (or Dad),

Becoming the mentor of your child can sound exciting and awesome until the first time they ignore your instructions or refuse to participate. What do you do? You want to guide and encourage, not create a stand-off.

This is one of those topics that is rarely discussed- but I am going to tackle it here with concrete ideas and tips.

After years of big mistakes, trial and error, and learning from amazing mentors, I have created a formula for smoother communication and interaction.

Everyday isn't sunshine and rainbows, but after 8 years of homescooling my girls I am making it work for us.

Could this work for YOU?

Yes, absolutely.

This is just one of the pieces of the homeschool puzzle I love sharing with my clients- because it makes a big difference!

And I am going to show you how!

I want to share this information – for FREE, with YOU – in my upcoming training.


"My Child Won't Listen!" 5 Keys to Stress-Free Homeschooling while moving from mom to teacher

Join me for this NO COST Training where I will share with you:

*How tactics, punishment and consequences are ineffective (and a waste of time)
*How taking 10 minutes each night can be the key to a joyful relationship with your child
*The Top ingredient you need to have in place when homeschooling
*Understanding what makes your child tick (and how you can make this work for you)
*Creating a strong love of learning for your child and You!


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So, join me on this info-packed FREE training for immediate tips for better homeschooling.

You've been called to become your child's teacher. This could be one of the most important journeys you take. Don't try to do it alone. Come join me for some advice from someone who has been where you are and is ready to help.

I look forward to inspiring you and sharing all my "behind the scenes" secrets with you.

Shine on,


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