If you have been looking for a plan to fit the pieces together to create
the ultimate Waldorf-inspired homeschool for your child,
You've found what you are looking for!

Waldorf Homeschool "U" - Online Training

How to Create an Effective, Joyful Waldorf-inspired Homeschool for Your Child That Delivers
Waldorf Magic AND Fits Your Busy Lifestyle:

I Know You're Committed to Educate Your Child's Body, Mind & Spirit
This Training is the Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding & Creating a Waldorf-inspired Homeschool.

From: Donna Ashton
Coastal South Carolina

Dear homeschool parent,

Whether you are new to Waldorf or just thinking about how to make it work for you, chances are that you're on this page because you've considered Waldorf education, but weren't sure where to start.

Or, perhaps you've tried to give it a go but it didn’t work out "right", seemed too overwhelming or perhaps your confidence was not where it could be and you started thinking you couldn’t do it.

Or maybe you looked at all you had to do and thought you don't have the time for this and threw in the towel (before you even gave it a chance)…

If any of the above sound like you, or even if you simply are ready to go and want to get it right from the start, then I have an amazing opportunity for you, the likes of which you will never have seen before.

Hi, I'm Donna Ashton, long-time Waldorf homeschooling mom, parenting coach, advisor, and the founder of the The Waldorf Connection and The Waldorf Homeschool Expo .

When I created my online training website, The Waldorf Connection.com back in 2010, I set it up with one clear intention in mind: To help as many homeschooling families be as successful as possible.

Whether I was coaching moms how to homeschool, or helping families to create a thriving Waldorf Lifestyle, my goal was the same – I wanted to make it easier for them than it was for me.

After several years of Waldorf-inspired Homeschooling I realized that:

As a homeschool parent your goals are to nourish your child as a whole individual, give them confidence to express themselves in their unique way, nurture creativity problem solving and independent thinking, allow them to focus on what interests them, cultivate a love for learning while allowing them freedom to enjoy being a child.

A recently published report on Neuroeducation says that the use of music and the arts is way to build cortical circuits critical for success in writing, reading and mathematics (Hardiman, Magsamen, McKhann, & Eilber, 2009).

There is also a long history of research speaking to the importance of play as the primary source of learning for young children with continued supporting evidence from the brain sciences (Singer, Golinkoff, & Hirsh-Pasek, 2006). Given this growing awareness from the brain science on the beneficial aspects of holistic practices, it is not surprising that the Waldorf curriculum with its play-based kindergarten and arts-based curriculum is gaining attention - Abigail L. Larrison and Alan J. Daly University of California, San Diego and California State University at San Marcos.

This means that science is finally catching up with the practices that Waldorf has been embracing for almost 100 years!


Waldorf Homeschool "U", gives parents the opportunity to learn within a structured program that will guide but not overwhelm. It will clear away the confusion and replace it with understanding.. and give real life examples, results and ideas.

Wherever you may be on this path, Waldorf Homeschool "U" will meet you with practical nuts-n-bolts solutions, theory, a supportive community and a huge dose of Waldorf Magic.

What will you come away with?
*Assurance and confidence that you are doing everyting you need to be doing (and doing it right)
*A concrete plan where to start and exactly what to do next
*Guidance and personal attention to answer all your questions
*Emotional support to help you with the inner work as well as how you show up for your child

Waldorf U is a 7-Module homestudy course that prepares you for understanding Waldorf concepts, shows you how to set-up your homeschool space and daily rhythm, and guides you to plan and present the material that your child needs to thrive.

I'll guide you step-by-step!

...You don't have to do it alone


Here's How It All Works

This training comes to you in a format that is simple and downloadable, with each of the 7 modules comprising of a printable training summary and audio recording. Download the lessons so you can listen anytime, anywhere (spouse can listen too)
Print our the summaries for quick review, to take notes or put in a binder (you're more organized already!).

You'll also receive step-by-step guides, all-important checklists, invaluable resource lists, fill-in-the-blank forms and templates, rhythm examples, menu planner, and sample handouts – there’s even a Homeschooling Map & Calendar to track your progress and your goals!

Literally everything you could want to create, plan and implement your Waldorf Homeschool is provided to you through this Training – and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

If you're ready to learn more about the Waldorf Homeschool U Online Training,
then here's the full scoop…

Waldorf Homeschool U

In this Comprehensive Training Course you will learn:

Step 1: Understanding What Waldorf Is & How That Affects Your Homeschooling

Let's start at the heart of what Waldorf is all about. You can’t really homeschool with this method without understanding the reasons and philosophy behind it all. (And it will make it much easier to explain to family & friends if YOU understand it) It’s not hard you just need to have it explained in a digestible way. We'll start with founder Rudolf Steiner's teachings on child development, the 4-bodies, the 12 senses and more.

POSTER: "The Four bodies handout"
HANDOUT: "Highlights of Waldorf Education"- an at-a-glance reference
CHECKLIST: "Homeschool Map & Calendar"- to track your progress and your goals
HANDOUT: "The Four Temperaments and How Understanding Your Child Makes All the Difference. Wonderful resource as your child develops to use as a reference to his/her temperament. Helps with communication and understanding as well as teaching.


Step 2: Becoming the Center for Your Child Through Inner Work

This class I will help get you centered so you can be the shining light that grounds your household. You need confidence to guide your family on this journey. Having boundaries in place will stop overwhelm and guilty “yes’s”. Balancing your life with your own self-care can be one of the hardest parts for us as moms. We want to give, give, give.. But we can’t be effective when we are empty. You will get some exercises for self-care and create a calendar of your personal self-care activities

POSTER: "The Four bodies handout"
HANDOUT: " “Bedtime Child Reflection"- 10-minute super exercise
WORKSHEET: "Steiners 6 Exercises Worksheet"- choose these when you need some centering
POSTER: "Meditation Self-Care Calendar"- to track your progress and goals


Step 3: Getting It All Done Without Exhaustion : Daily & Weekly Rhythm

This is the key to creating a lifestyle that feels relaxed, flowing and can breathe. I am a BIG advocate of getting your pillars of the day in place. It creates a consistency which frees you (mom) to be present and have fun with your child instead of feeling frazzled and a step behind. We will get your daily and weekly rhythm structure in place during this week.

TEMPLATE: "Bird Eye View of Your Daily & Weekly Rhythm"
TEMPLATE: "My Ideal Day"
POSTER: Menu Planner
HANDOUT: My Rhythm -Sample Day


Step 4: What Your Homeschool Needs: Set-up, Supplies & Tools

What does homeschooling actually look like? I will go through the schedule of my day and help you envision what yours can look like and how you can get there. We’ll discuss what types of curriculum are right for you and the 3 things to consider before choosing. Then we set up your home school space (you get to see pictures of mine!) and you get a list of must-have supplies.

TEMPLATE: What Your Homeschool Needs: Set-up, Supplies & Tools- master list
HANDOUT: "Donna's Sample Homeschool Schedule"
WORKSHEET: Discovering The Correct Curriculum For You


Step 5: Creating Your Successful Plan: Monthly & Yearly Lessons

Planning can be the thing that makes or breaks your success with homeschooling. It can also be something you dread and put off. Not anymore! I show you how to build homeschooling into your life so it is a solid tool that guides your year and doesn't drag you down.

POSTER: Top Tips for Planning
HANDOUT: Monthly Realignment Tool
HANDOUT: My Weekly Planner Template


Step 6: Presenting the Material So Your Child Gets It

This week you will learn about your child's temperament and how that affects the way they learn (and how YOU teach) You'll learn to teach using stories and other unique Waldorf methods like wet-on-wet painting, form drawing and block crayon pictures. I will help you polish your current talents, guide you through learning new skills, and trouble shooting "hot spots".

TUTORIAL: Wet-on-wet Painting Slideshow
TEMPLATE: The Four Temperaments
HANDOUT: Guide to Storytelling


Step 7: Don't Homeschool in Isolation: Ramping up Your Support & Community Reach

This can be the hardest part of homeschooling if you don't have an active Waldorf community at your fingertips. I will help you navigate the options, learn how to create your own group, and get your family on board (That's a BIG part as well) I will also give tips on living Waldorf in the 21st century and how not to isolate yourself from your friends and neighbors.

HANDOUT: Make Waldorf Work for You and Your Friends
TEMPLATE: Creating a Waldorf-inspired Support Group
HANDOUT: How to Get Your Family to Support You as a Homeschooler


BONUS: Waldorf Festivals & Celebrations: The Do's and Do Nots

We can't forget this exciting piece of embracing Waldorf! I will walk you through how to celebrate festivals without stress and overwhelm. Giving your child the opportunity to ground themselves in these rituals is so important, that I want you to say yes to Festivals!

HANDOUT: Waldorf Festivals List
TEMPLATE: Steps to a Successful Festival

BONUS: Preparing to Homeschool from the Inside Out

Bonus recording where I talk about socialization myths, legal aspects of homeschooling, discovering your goals and dreams for your homeschool and much more.

BONUS: How to Choose Curriculum Review Pak

6 recordings by moms who used their curriculum at least 2-3 years. They let you know what they liked, didn't and how it is laid out. You'll also receive the curriculum checklist- answer a few questions to determine you best fit.


What Is Possible From This Course?

Whether you have a headstart or are brand-new to Waldorf Homeschooling, by following the step-by-step course you could have everything in place by the end of our 8 weeks together!

This means peace of mind that you have everything in place for your child to expand their thinking, start realizing their potential, and use their creativity.

It means you building the confidence & skills needed to be the successful mentor to your child.

It means teaching in a holistic, gentle way that allows your child to absorb the material and take it into their entire being.

It means you come away with a plan to create this homeschool you have been dreaming about for your child.

It's everything you need to be the best teacher for your child-
and isn't that what it's all about?

Here’s all the Awesome Components You Get In The Waldorf Homeschool U Course...

1). 7 Self-Paced Lessons. Easy to access information is all contained on one webpage where you can access at your convenience. Join us for the live call or just login and get training when it is good for You. All recordings can be downloaded onto a computer, ipad, ipod, etc so you can also learn on the go and share with spouse.

Class 1: Understanding What Waldorf Is & How That Affects Your Homeschooling
Class 2: Becoming the Center for Your Child Through Inner Work
Class 3: Getting it all done without exhaustion & frustration: Rhythm
Class 4: What Your Homeschool Needs: Set-up, Supplies & Tools
Class 5: Creating Your Successful Plan: Monthly & Yearly Lessons
Class 6: Presenting the Material So Your Child Gets It
Class 7: Don’t Homeschool in Isolation: Support & Community

2.)PDF Lesson Summary. This allows quick read-able access to the weeks content. Easy to print out, make notes or highlight resources.

3). "Keep-on-Track" Forum. Come to get *extra* help anytime in the Keep-on-track forum. You get to ask specific questions or request clarification during this course. Chat with other moms like you to share ideas, experiences and inspiration.

4.) Waldorf ToolBox: Tools, Handouts & Exercises. Sprinkled within the course are bonus support tools you can use while creating your Waldorf homeschool. These give you tangible exercises, checklists and easy-to-refer-to worksheets.

5.) Extra Training Module. Waldorf Festivals & Celebrations: The Do’s and Do Nots- bring festivals to your family the sun, simple way. Templates & Tips inlcuded in this info-packed lesson.

6.) Private Facebook Forum. All students who take this course will have permanent access into our forum! Extended support way beyond our 2 months together

7.) Waldorf Homeschool Reading List. Learn from some of Donna’s favorite experts. Includes grade by grade suggestions of books to read, resources guides and website recommendations.

I know you are busy, so I want to make this simple. My goal is to make your learning experience as easy & enjoyable as possible.

That's why every module is delivered in multimedia format. Watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your iPad or iPhone. You'll receive MP3s, weekly PDF workbooks, resource guides, and templates. Simple.

This course is based on 7 proven, simple steps to immerse you in the basics of a Waldorf Homeschool. You have an opportunity to provide a foundation & education for your child that will last a lifetime and will affect the way they learn, love and see the world.

Budget Friendly
Pay $27 Now and 4 more payments of $27
Budget Friendly
Best Value Full Pay $107

What Other Moms Love About The Waldorf Homeschool U course

"Thank you again for making this possible it has totally changed my homeschool!" Michelle P.

"Thank you so much for putting these lesson together. Now, I feel good about this, I can do it and it works so much better! I just remind myself to take small steps." Diana B.

"The piece that I REALLY needed was the bit about establishing rhythms. Thanks! I loved the weekly summaries as I am a more visual learner. Now, I feel more connected with others who are homeschooling." Lisa B.

"I am so happy I found this course! It is just what I needed to get things started." Ingrid H.

Questions about the course? Click HERE to access the special FAQ page

I look forward to helping YOU create the best homeschool you desire for your child

Shine on,

P.S. You ready to do this and I will walk you through every step. You can do it.

REFUND POLICY: As with every previous online training, I have every confidence that this training will far exceed your expectations and that its value is many times over your investment. For this reason, and in order to prevent abuse of the system, when you sign up for this training it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given, that all installments (if you choose that option) must be paid on time as agreed, and that you are happy to join the program on that understanding. If you have questions, feel free to email us at support@thewaldorfconnection.com We are happy to discuss this with you personally if you have questions. Thank you!

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