The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook is here!!! This much-anticipated Waldorf-inspired teaching handbook by author Donna Ashton is HERE. Here’s your chance to be one of the first to get your copy at a “early bird” discount of 16.95! Regular price 19.95

You Don't Have to Figure it Out Alone.

Whether you are just starting to homeschool, or always wanted to, imagine this for a second…

You feel confident that you are doing it right. The first steps are clear and you know exactly where to find the resources and support needed to be successful. There’s no second guessing. No confusion. No lack of focus.
Without any floundering, your homeschooling falls into place with ease, assurance and joy.

Knowing you had your homeschool & lessons in place, you’d start enjoying...

  • The kind of joyful and stress-free days to enable deep connection with your child.
  • Assurance that your child is getting exactly what they need to thrive in their surroundings.
  • Free-flowing inspiration and creativity because your confidence and understanding in the basics allows you to bring more of yourself into your days.
  • A feeling of being supported by a mentor that has been down your path and can help you avoid pitfalls while providing shortcuts.

“Our task is to educate the human being in such a way that he or she can bring to expression in the right way that which is living in the whole human being, and on the other side that which puts him/her into the world in the right way.”

By Rudolf Steiner

Donna AshtonDonna Ashton is a veteran waldorf homeschooling mom & homeschooling mentor. She connects the experts, teachers and information with thousands of families around the world so they can make a difference in their children's lives. Donna has guided families through her online workshops, tele-summits and programs.

Mother and child5 Amazing Things You'll Receive from the
Waldorf Homeschool Handbook

Deeper connection with your child and you being fully present.

Ever experience that total "being" with your child and giving 100%? How can we maintain that joyful experience when we are frazzled, overwhelmed and worried? Give your child and yourself the gift of "presence".

Confidence in your soul that you are on the right path for your family.

This is a huge part of educating your preschool/kindy aged child. The outside cultural pressures surround you and you start second-guessing. Understanding, knowledge and a bit of belief are the keys.

Tire SwingPeace of mind that you understand the fundamentals.

Getting the foundational pieces in place is the homeschoolikng of playful learning. Taking it step-by-step and digesting only what you need when you need it is much better than trying to devour the entire meal

Create an enhanced environment where your child can thrive

You want the space your child learns in to be nourishing, and allow him the freedom to grow. By setting up the homeschool setting with quality supplies and natural playthings, your child will have the “tools” he needs for imagination and learning.

Support and Guidance so you don't feel isolated

You'll have a step-by-step guide to follow as you walk down your homeschool path. It’s like having a friend by your side.

“You have no idea how unimportant is all that the teacher says or does not say on the surface, and how important what he himself is as teacher. ”

By Rudolf Steiner


Even with all the books, curricula & tools out there, why are so many still
not understanding it? Does homeschooling really need to be this hard?




Worry“Could we find a way to make this Simple?”

What if we could strip away the overwhelm and give you a plan to follow?

What if you could create this Amazing Education for your child—without spending all your time trying to figure out how to do it?

What if you had the confidence to be yourself and bring those benefits to your child?


Introducing the...

Waldorf Homeschooling Handbook

Understanding Basic Theory

Rhythm, Schedules & Making It “Fit”

Your Tailored Curriculum & Homeschool Space

Planning Lessons & Year

Presenting The Material

Support & Community


Now You Can See The Plan, Let's Walk You Through Some Details...

The Handbook includes 3 Areas for Optimum Learning.

behind the scenes rhythmn and play fits your lifestyle
Behind the Scenes Reasons why
By understanding the theory and ideas, you get the big picture "Oh! I get it now" light-bulb going off Ah-ha. Otherwise you are just going through the motions and not bringing the magic...This Handbook gives you just the right amount of theory to set you up for success.
Rhythm and Rituals
So much of what makes a successful homeschool is the consistency of rhythm and the in and out flow of the day. The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook takes you through setting up a daily & weekly rhythm as well as ideas for seasonal celebrations and festivals.
Making it fit You and Your life
Have you tried modeling another mom's schedule or daily routine? You probably discovered quickly that this doesn't work. By knowing your needs and those of your family as well as your temperament you can design the perfect way to bring playful learning to your child. The Handbook gives you options to make it fit into your busy life.


playful learningUnderstanding The Basics
This guide starts at the beginning with the some basic ideas of the theory behind Waldorf Education.

  • Who is Rudolph Steiner?
  • Relating anthroposophy to homeschooling
  • Understanding the why’s behind the method
  • The 12 senses/4 Bodies

Rhythm, Schedules & Making It “Fit”
Rhythm is the backbone of a successful homeschool day.

  • In and out breath
  • Foundational Points of Day
  • Transitions
  • Boundaries

Your Tailored Curriculum & Homeschool Space
The handbook gives examples of how it all can look and feel.

  • What homeschooling looks like
  • How do I get there from here?
  • What types of curriculum are right for you
  • Home school space

circle time and storiesPlanning
Having a solid plans lends flexibility and space to your days.

  • Planning your year
  • Monthly realignments
  • Weekly regimen

Presenting the Material
Now that you have the pieces in place, It's time to teach.

  • Meeting your child where they are
  • The temperaments
  • Teaching Waldorf methods
  • Enhancing your own skills
  • Troubleshooting “hot spots”

Support & Community
It's ok to ask for a hand.

  • Getting family support
  • Pop culture & fitting in
  • Playgroups & co-ops
  • Festivals

Group of womenReasons this Handbook will be invaluable:

Reason 1: We literally walk you through the process step-by-step.

Reason 2: The guide gives you a digestible amount of theory and practical information, creating the balance needed to make it work.

Reason 3: Whether you have some or no Waldorf experience, you will receive excellent tips and short cuts to more successful homeschooling.

Reason 4: You'll gain access to a plethera of resources from where to buy supplies, do further reading or just get inspiration.

Reason 5: We chunked down the vast information into easy to understand basics.

Reason 6: This is your chance to learn from an experienced teacher & veteran homeschooling mom- I've been there!



calmingThere's a Waldorf Homeschooling teacher in you just itching to get out.

One who can:

  • Create the enhanced learning environment that allows your child his full potential
  • Enjoy these precious days with young child guiding and nurturing them to thrive
  • Be confident and successful with your homeschooling path
  • Enjoy this journey with creativity and joy!