Waldorf with a young child

Are you a mom with young children looking for ways to create a solid
and holistic, nurturing environment for your child?

You have a pre-school aged child and are looking for what to “do” with them.  If you are anything like I was, I felt like some type of schedule helped keep
us in a good rhythm, but I also wanted to let my girls have all the playtime they needed during those early years.

Creating a “playful education” isn’t hard, but there are a few things to have in place when getting started.

1) A Good Solid Rhythm.
Yes, I say this over and over but it is true! If your days are chaos, that isn’t nourishing for your child and you are most likely frazzled and not being present and joyful.

2) Inside, Outside and Free play.
Play is what your child should be up to most of the time. Provide a few natural toys and playthings like rocks, shells, nuts, blocks and a lot of free time to play.

3) Stories and the Arts.
You can begin to introduce your child, gently to the Waldorf Arts. All children love stories and some of the best are the ones YOU tell. Don’t be afraid to exercise your storytelling skills.

4) Purposeful work.
Bring your child into helping around the house. They want to and it helps them feel like they are contributing. Folding laundry, feeding pets, gardening, and baking are all wonder ways to get them started beside you.

The Waldorf Connection has created amazing programs to help you with nourishing your child & supporting yourself during this exciting, yet very busy season of your life!


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