I Want to bring the magic
to my child without stress

Start Me Up! Waldorf Club

These days there is so much floating around on  Waldorf, so many beautiful blogs, and pictures on Pinterest- it looks like an unattainable dream.

But the reality is you need guidance, examples & how-to's that work in real life.

This brand new CLUB has been created to FINALLY bring exactly what you need to
homeschool with Waldorf without all the overwhelm & struggle.

It's practical, it's real-life examples, and it's all about getting solid results in your life.

If you have unlimited time & energy to sift through information on "how-to"make it work than this club it not for you.

If you want to figure it all out on your own through trial-and-error and hoping it's correct than this club it not for you.

If you want deep theory, vague ideas and suggestions, than this club is not right for you.

 Here's What You Get In
Start Me Up! Waldorf Club

                   *Immediate Access to the Core Program Library

You get immediate access to all my core training programs! (value $2899) These are all the steps you'll need to begin homeschooling. Each training leads you forward to your homeschool success- I include a map to help you navigate which training you need.

Living the Waldorf Life- covers everything you need to bring waldorf into your home; environment, toys, play, inner work, rhythm and more.

Rhythm & Organization Strategy Intensive-  video training for  step by step to creating a balanced, day where everything fits.

School For All Seasons- pre-k/kindergarten curriculum nature guide and audio training on how to make homeschooling work with a preschooler.

Preparing to Homeschool from the Inside Out- busting homeschooling myths, legal requirement, and getting your family on board.

How-to-Homeschool: Navigating Waldorf in Real Life- the 5 step map to creating your homeschool and making Waldorf work in real life situations.

Nourishing the Early Years-  get tips and ideas to connect with your younger child. 

Practical Magic of Early Childhood -  a guide to make discipline, creative expression, play, development and rhythm of your day easier whith young children. Excellent practical ideas.

Waldorf Homeschool U- core training on everything you need to set up your homeschool. Understanding Waldorf, planning, buying curriculum, presenting lessons, and resources.

Path to Rhythm- creating your ideal day/week homestudy in 4 steps.

Waldorf Arts Studio – learn 6 of the Waldorf Arts by watching me on video! Step-by-step instruction on singing, music, storytelling, drawing, chalkboard, painting, & handwork. 

First Grade Curriculum- Complete first grade guide-An Adventure through Nature & Fairy Tales. coming winter 2016. 

*Quarterly Coaching with Donna

Each quarter we have a live training call on a vital topic (reducing media, festivals,
schooling more than one, etc).

I will dive deep into how-to and tips during these content calls.

Ask questions and get solutions to your pressing challenges

*Monthly Training Modules

Each month you will receive an audio and/or pdf training module to keep you motivated, accountable,
while re-visiting areas that need attention.

Homeschooling is a process and I have set this training to lead you step-by-step from the first step through the last.

*Community Forum

Ask me a question anytime on our private Facebook Forum.

Share ideas, pictures and thoughts with other moms who are at the same place as you.

Challenges, tips, motivation and a sense of not doing this alone is a vital part of our club.

Module 5: Set Up Yourself

*Learn how one simple activity will re-charge your batteries like no other

*Discover the "hidden" ways you are putting more on yourself 

(hint Perfect Waldorf Syndome)

*Bring self-care into your every day life without it taking extra time


*Learn the Mom's Morning Meditation to start your day centered and

ready to be a model for your child.


             What will I receive from participating in this club?

Start Me Up! Waldorf Club is a long-term opportunity to digest the information. Time for you learn Waldorf homeschooling, work on rhythm, parenting, environment all the while having support and guidance along the way.

This program is designed for moms who thrive on self-study throughout my core programs with the ability to ask questions in our forum for clarification.

*You'll gain confidence, be more prepared and assured that you have all your bases covered. Not to mention peace of mind, more relaxed and enjoy teaching.

*It will save you time and energy and make sure you are prepared to become your child's educator.

                          Why are you on this path?

I believe the answer is simple.
To create the best foundation for education
 for your child.

This means peace of mind that you have everything in place for your child to expand their thinking, start realizing their potential, and use their creativity.

It means you building the confidence & skills needed to be the successful mentor to your child.

It means teaching in a holistic, gentle way that allows your child to absorb the material and take it into their entire being.

An education is your child’s foundation for the rest of their life. It will be what they build on & draw from to shape their futures.

This could be the most important thing you can do. 

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Prior to taking Donna's course I knew very little about Waldorf Homeschooling. Now I have the confidence and information to integrate the Waldorf principles into our life."

Michele Mathews

B.Ed. B.Sc. mother of two, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I knew I needed help and guidance. In just a few weeks I feel confident I can give my daughter the tools she needs to blossom. Thanks for the phenomenal club!"

Shelly Cariot 

mother of 1, Florida

"I was feeling so overwhelmed! I was swimming against the current of main-stream life and starting to second guess myself-From the course, I learned that:

1) There are other families around the world feeling exactly the same.

2) It is possible to believe in and practice a Waldorf education in real life.

3) It is crucial for me to have support & community to share ideas and experiences.

Carolina Brancato

mother of 3

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Start Me Up! Waldorf Club

  • How to make homechooling fit your life and your family with real, practical guidance
  • The tools to school more than 1 child and not lose your mind (and your life)

  • How to balance the needs of all your kids and yourself  (and still fit it all in)
  • How to schedule your days and weeks for peace and in-breath/out-breath balance
  • How to make decisions about media, toys and other main-stream realities
  • How to homeschool a preschooler, kindergartener or grades aged child
  • Curriculum, tips, videos and guidance to put it into action
  • Templates, PDF worksheets and Checklists to teach you and to use in the future
  • A mentor & community who gets exactly what you are doing 
  • BONUS: Free ticket to "Create Your Homeschool-Live!" live weekend event in Pawleys Island, SC - June 2015 (value $200)
  • You get immediate access to ALL programs 
  • You get time to digest the material as a self-study at your own pace
  • You get all the short-cuts, tips and guidance you need to make this work for you!

The time is NOW to make homeschooling smooth, stress-free and working in your home.


You want this for your child and I want it for you, so- embrace what's right in front of you and make the commitment to make it work.

All My Best,

Donna Ashton