Rhythm & Schedule

Rhythm Strategy Day

Your Rhythm Strategy Day will begin with you taking inventory of your home, routine
and life! We want to create what works from the inside out.

I will guide you to discover your true family values and what is really important to you.
Those are what we want to make SURE get into your day (and are usually the things
that get pushed aside).

Next, we'll do the Pillar Exercise where we work interactively to hone the pillars of your
day so we can start mapping with purpose. By having your pillars in place, you can create
flexibility and easily get back on track if things get wonky.

We'll continue adding the elements of your day with a fun "sticky" game that
let's you experience the in and out-breathe you are trying to achieve in your routine.
With a birds-eye view of your days, you will be able to plug in exactly what your need
to make everything fit.

The last segment is the best!  Customize your rhythm on the Rhythm Map. 
I'll offer suggestions for difficult situation or ideas for smoother transitions-

You'll come away with a brand new plan to build confidence, stress-relief and
a harmonious household.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have your rhythm plan all done and ready to go?

No more wondering what each day will bring (and trying to stay one step ahead.)

No getting off track in the morning, causing the rest of the day to collapse.

No more you racking your brain trying to find time to plan and prepare.

Here's How it Works...

*This is a diy homestudy where you will be actually going through the exercises as you watch.

* You will receive the entire training as video recordings.  You may view all at once (3+ hours) or
in sessions at your convenience. It's up to you.

*Includes a PDF workbook that will guide you to do the work while you watch the videos.
  No having to "do it" later. 

*When you finish, you have a solid plan. Simple.


Don’t Take My Word For It-

"I  never realized the word Rhythm was more than a term for music until I happened on your website. I knew that I was way off of my rhythm. I purchased your Rhythm program and dove in.

We now have a nature table in our house because I learned about how to bring beauty in the house by having a place to keep our special discoveries from our nature hikes.
I am thankful for you valuable help and website!"

Michele Sandoz

mom and rhythm lover

"Before I took Donna's course, I was feeling inspired and excited by Waldorf education, yet also unsure how to proceed with applying it to my daughter so that she will blossom. I knew I needed help and guidance.

 Now feel confident in my ability to guide Lili down a path which will give her the tools to blossom into a balanced and healthy adult. 

I also loved all of Donna's words of wisdom which were relayed in a very lighthearted, supportive and positive manner.  Simply lovely and easy to comprehend and apply. Thank you Donna for a phenomenal course"  

Shely Cariot 

mom of Lili, 3

"I just want to let you know that I followed the rhythm challenge and I am keeping it beautifully! I am enjoying the mindfulness of it and feeling in control of my time and energy.

I loved Donna´s kind way to support me without any pressure. A homeschool mother´s life is not easy- We need guidance, support, sense of humor, inspiration, information and lot of compliments! Donna was giving all of this in this course!! Thanks Donna!!"

Carolina Brancato

Mom of 3 and parenting coach

Here's Exactly What You'll Get From
The Rhythm Strategy Day Product

  • How to organize your routine to make it all fit
  • How to create activities that flow with an in-and-out breath and a flexible schedule
  • The tools to discover your most important values and how to integrate them into your day
  • How to create the most perfect ideal rhythm and routine that fits your family and
    that you can stick to
  • How to simplify your home, life and routine to increase your energy
  • How to take the pressure off yourself so you can enjoy the days with your kids

I look forward to guiding you to create your best and most authentic rhythm (and one you can rely on and stick to) during our Rhythm Strategy Day.


Donna Ashton