The Practical Magic of Early Childhood
"Finally... practical ideas, tips and examples weaved with the magical inspiration of the early years."

Donna Ashton of The Waldorf Connection

Dear overwhelmed moms with young children,

As a mindful mama I know you are striving to create the most positive & nourishing foundation for your young child.

Many of you follow the Waldorf-inspired methods for early childhood which are so rich and allow your child to unfold in a natural way. I know your challenge is this — You need specific, concrete examples to follow!

What if you could "peek behind the curtain" and get a glimpse of how to understand the basics and foundational pieces of the puzzle?

What if you had a step-by-step guide that explained the why's behind the method and gave you the practical tools to implement them?

What if you could get a back stage pass to Waldorf-inspired early education?

"The Practical Magic of Early Childhood" was created specifically for YOU!"

I listened to exactly what you told me you wanted to help you with your challenges.

  • Practical — it must have tips, tools and ideas to implement right now (and examples of how to do it!)
  • Affordable — excellent value at a great price (smaller payments included!)
  • Connection — you wanted to be able to hear advice and ideas from other moms
  • Easy — busy moms can't spend hours listening and sorting through tons of material

I now see the world through completely new eyes.

Thank you for all the reminders of so many significant aspects of ones life with young children. Thank you for reminding me that my child would be better off if I talked less and more consciously engaged her in tasks that are the right ones for her age. Thank you for the reminder that transition times are challenging times of the day and it's not just me or my children.

Thank you for reminding me how significant this work is, because when I really look into the eyes of my children I see so much. Bringing in incarnating souls is the hardest work I have ever done and I now see the world through completely new eyes. The eyes of an adult, the eyes of the child in me & through the eyes of my own children.

Fiona B.

Are you ready? Ready to bring the practical into the magical world of early childhood so you can increase your confidence while decreasing your stress and surround your child with love?

Ready to receive practical ideas laid out for you step-by-step so you can strengthen the bond with your child and increase your confidence as a mom all while being nurtured and supported like you deserve?

Since I started using these techniques and simple tools, my level of confidence has increased dramatically. I now know I am on the right path for me and my family. I feel grounded in my rhythms and my ability to learn and grow has increased from having these basic foundations in place.

For the moms who have weaved these ideas into their lives, they are calmer, more centered and able to enjoy these precious moments with their young child instead of feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed.

We are inviting you inside this magical world — but you will have guides and instructions at every turn.

This program is for you if:
You are ready to get concrete tips, tools and examples of how to implement these ideas!
You want some balance and rhythm to your day, but just can’t seem to make it come together!
You want to bring warmth and love to your child to strengthen your bond and communication in a gentle way.
You want to raise your confidence and increase your “toolbox” so you can be proactive instead of “reactive”.
You want to stop trying to learn all this by yourself and get the support you need.
You dream of creating a balanced life where everyone’s needs are met, including your own.
You want to wake up feeling inspired and confident with your upcoming day.

elizabethThe program was very insightful, well organized, and very reaffirming!

I loved the attention to detail within each topic – "no stones left unturned". The panel of experts was also very impressive. The whole experience felt very intimate and personal. There's no substitute for getting "live" information and feedback.

Elizabeth Horn,

pamelaThe replays and downloads enable me to review the materials at my convenience.

I have learned so much from the teachers Donna selects for her programs. Even though I had some direct experience with Waldorf Education, I still felt many gaps in my knowledge and understanding. What a valuable opportunity it has been to hear 'live' from some of the authors of the books I have read, and gain even more from their insights and perspectives. The replays and downloads enable me to review the materials at my convenience. The content is so rich that it is wonderful to be able to listen again and again.

Pamela Perkins

Looking for information that brings results, do-able changes and support?

Years ago when I decided to use the Waldorf-inspired method with my twins, I had no idea how to begin! I tried doing some Waldorf-inspired things, but I was piecing it together as I went. I spent so much time reading and trying to figure it all out. I was overwhelmed and frustrated! There seemed to be so much to learn and not many ways to get the information so I could "get it" and make it work for me and my family. I needed real specific examples and practical information to go along with the theory.

"I felt I was spinning my wheels trying to figure it out by myself."

I found that the beauty of Waldorf-inspired education is also the challenge of this method - No instruction manual!

"How my frustration can help YOU..."

I decided to help others (and myself!) by creating a faculty of the most awesome teachers, moms, and experts in the early childhood area. These knowledgable ladies are in the trenches — going through all the joys and frustrations. They have combined their expertise and tools here for you to have for your own.



"The Practical Magic of Early Childhood" has taken all the beauty and magical concepts and condensed them into a practical action guide for you to use immediately.
This course will teach you:
Knowledge of Stages of Development- understand the 4 bodies and the 12 senses so you can foster and protect those in your child
How to raise your confidence by knowing your child is just where they need to be and how you can create the optimal environment
Tips to create smoother daily rhythms and transitions throughout the day (think dinner & bedtime)
Why realistic expectations of your child's age and stage is the TOP way to change perspective
Tools to strengthen your bond and communication skills with your child using less talking
The most important thing about play
Everything you need to easily foster creativity through music, stories and movement, and puppetry


I think what I've gained thus far, in addition to all the practical tips, is just a simple trusting in the process.

The process of recognizing/creating and maintaining our rhythms. The process of letting the children unfold. The process of balancing their unfolding with the demands of life. The knowing that the routine and sometimes mundane things we do all day everyday really do come to fruition in the way the children sing circle songs and imitate our day in their play.

Aubrey H.

Here's what I've put together for you:

Practical Magic of Early Childhood includes —

  • MP3 RECORDINGS of the Early Childhood Audio Library
  • Tips & Tools Action Workbook — here are your examples and specific actions to implement
  • Bonus PDF WORKSHEETS, Article, Charts AND more! — extra ideas and support
  • Quick Reference Resource Rolodex — books, websites and places to get more
  • Private Facebook Group — join the online mommy playgroup! Meet, share and discover the joy of having community who gets you!

You can see I'm doing everything I can to make this easy for you! And best of all, this product is available at one of the LOWEST prices I've ever offered. I'm doing this because I know this topic is CRITICAL for moms who are on this path and I want you to get this information to make your life smoother, richer and much more peaceful. I want to make it EASY for you to get this.

This course ran last year live for $497 and that didn't even include the Tips & Tools Action Guide!

Here's the Deal:

I am offering the Core Calls from my Early Childhood program plus the Extra Calls plus the Bonus Audios. Then, I've taken all the nuggets of wisdom, tips, tools and examples from these amazingly content-rich calls and condensed them into an Easy-to-Implement Action Guide.

What does that mean for you? A simple, info-packed product you can immediately use.

What is the cost of not doing our best?

This is a hard question to ask for most of us moms. We want to feel we are doing everything we can to bring out the best in our child. Sometimes we are just spinning our wheels and not making any progress. Or we don't know how to take the first steps to change what we are currently doing. We might not be aware of things we are doing.

This course will guide you through the 5 modules, each building on the last and best of all — I have summarized it all up in the Action Guide!

You can take the information and weave it immediately into your life. Simple!

Take a Peek into the Table of Contents from the Audio Library:

Module 1: Development

  • Core Call - "Stages of Development" with Danielle Epifani
  • Extra Call - "Understanding Development" with Carrie Dendtler
  • Bonus audio - The First 4 Senses with Danielle Epifani
  • Bonus audio - Practical Development with Patricia Rubano

Module 2: Rhythm

  • Core Call - "Creating Daily & Weekly Rhythm" with Sharifa Oppenheimer
  • Extra Call - "More on Rhythm" with Carrie Dendtler
  • Bonus audio - "Why Rhythm is Essential" with Sharifa Oppenheimer

Module 3: Play

  • Core Call - "Creative Play with Sharifa Oppenheimer
  • Extra Call - "All About Play" with Carrie Dendtler

Module 4: Discipline

  • Core Call - "Gentle Discipline" with Carrie Dendtler
  • Extra Call - "Discipline and Tools" with Carrie Dendtler
  • Bonus audio - "Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior" with Susan Perrow

Module 5: Creative Expression

  • Core Call - "Creativity with Young Children" with Connie Manson
  • Extra Call - "Life is Creative" with Carrie Dendtler
  • Bonus audio - "The Importance of Singing" with Christine Natale
  • Bonus audio - "Celebrating Festivals & Seasons with young children" with Kristie Burns

Are you ready to stop struggling and start smiling?

I want you to have all the best tips, tools and specific examples you need to move forward in your parenting.

That's why I am inviting you to grab this opportunity to get this information at the lowest price it will ever be!

YES! I am ready to receive this practical information and build confidence, decrease stress and create the environment I want for my child!

REFUND POLICY: As with every previous online business training, I have every confidence that this training will far exceed your expectations and that its value is many times over your investment. For this reason, and in order to prevent abuse of the system, when you sign up for this training it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given, that all installments (if you choose that option) must be paid on time as agreed, and that you are happy to join the program on that understanding.

Practical Magic will give me:

  • Early Childhood Workshop Audio Library - 5 modules of amazing training & exploration of the essential elements to build that foundation for my child and support myself.
  • Tips & Tools Action Guide - a summary of all the nuggets examples & tips in an easy-to-read pdf workbook.
  • Access to Private Facebook "Mommy Playgroup"; interactive forum where you can post your questions, share ideas and your connect with others for inspiration and community support.
  • Access to *Bonus Materials* for each module to enhance your learning.
Tuition SPECIAL $27

I know this information will make a huge impact on your life and your child's life!

Come join our online "mommy playgroup" and see the amazing moms already there waiting for you!


Shine on,


P.S. This low-price won't last long so grab the best deal ever on The Practical Magic of Early Childhood course!

I'm actually looking forward to the task I have to do each day!

I have spent this week really focusing on the rhythm for cleaning tasks and opportunities for the children to participate. This has enabled me to stop going off on tangents and never getting anything done. They are just simple tasks but so far my house appears a little more cleaner and organised. YAY! SO the effort going into the tasks is full of joy which I believe the children can role model. As the quote goes "be worthy of imitation"."