Ready to Teach Grade 1?

If you're just getting started, want a done-for-you guide, or feeling overwhelmed with all the moving parts- this curriculum is for you!

Starting first grade is a big milestone- for you and you're child. You want to bring the MAGIC, yet you need all the tools to make your teaching successful, joyful and FUN.

I've taken my 10 yrs experience homeschooling, teaching and testing what works...

and compiled it into the most complete, easy-to-follow-& implement curriculum that takes all of the guesswork and confusion away.

The result is an Amazing, Holistic done-for-you Curriulum & Support Guide with everything you need to teach first grade.

WHAT YOU'LL GET In This Awesome Curriculum...

The Waldorf Connection's Holistic Adventure Through Nature & Fairy Tales 

35 Weeks of Lessons

4-day a week lesson plan totally layed out and ready to teach. No guesswork required. Planner included.

Support Section 

Everything you need to know is in there! Scheduling, Temperaments, Main lesson, Festivals, Your Child's Development, Materials Lists, Prep and Read-aloud Book Ideas+

Stories Included

All fairy tale and nature stories are inside the Lesson Guide. My orginal Support Story about the adventures of Nadia & Milo tie all the lessons together.

Main Lesson Visuals

Most lessons come with a drawing for you to model. Use my example or create your own- your choice.

Form Drawings

Learn why form drawing is important, how to do it and 35 weeks of form drawings pictures. Includes a 2 week form drawing block to start the school year.

Circle & Recorder

Done-for-you Circle for Autumn, Winter & Spring includes songs (mp3) and verses. Plus, an entire blowing instrument curriculum- how-to play and all songs for first grade.

“This is really organized! It's nice to have what I'll be using every day in one space. Love Nadia's adventures and all the color drawings.”

 - Gillian P, mother of 3

Nadia & Milo Adventures

Your child will learn their letters, math processes, all about nature and animal habitats through my original support story and beautiful fairy/nature tales. Nadia's holistic world is filled with herbs, nature elements and magical creatures that guide her and her friend, Milo as they learn grade one material.

A Guide for Beginners

This curriculum was written with newbies in mind. I created an extensive support section giving "behind-the-scenes" information so you know exactly how it all works. This is not just ideas or an outline- I give everything I could think of to make your job as your child's educator- easy & fun!

A Word From Donna

“More than anything I want moms to enjoy teaching. I created a step-by-step guide to save time & frustration. I want the Waldorf Magic to be accessible to anyone who wants to bring this holistic education to their child.  

That's why I created my version of grade one. It's simple to use, has all the instructions you need and includes everything in one place."

Super easy to use and packed full of information. I have what I need to make this work and because it's all done- my summer is free. Super time saving!" -Lisa A, mom of rising first grader & toddler


Here's What You Get:

  • PDF Digital Download over 220 pages 
  • Hard Copy Book of Lessons and Support Guides (shipped 3-5 days after purchase)
  • Form Drawing instructions & visual drawings of all forms
  • Blowing instrument/Recorder curricula - how-to play and first grade songs
  •  Handwork Ideas & Festival Guide
  • Original Support Story & all other stories/fairy tales included
  • Behind the Scenes guidance on temperaments, nature table, festivals, child's development, scheduling, rhythm & more!
  • Visual support for lessons (main lesson drawings!)
  • Materials List, Grade 1 Prep-checklist & Read aloud list
  • Done-for-you Circle Time for Autumn, Winter, & Spring (mp3's included of songs)
  • School Year Planner to stay organized- plus 1st and 2nd semester check-in for your record keeping

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