Grade 1 Boot Camp Teleclass

Learn exactly what you need to teach first grade even if you are just getting started.

Join Donna in this 90 minute How-To Class to prepare you to start the grades Waldorf-style!

Why You Might Need This Class...

*You're brand new to Waldorf and feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or apprehensive about teaching first grade.

*You want the best for your child, want to make sure you cover all the bases and want to feel confident teaching this first special year.

*You would love an overview, a how-to guide and someone to walk you through what grade one looks like.



*Where your first grader is developmentally and how that plays an important role this year- Plus, how you can nourish their gentle unfolding.

*The flow of a typical homeschool day, including the in and out rhythms and the best way to fit it into your busy days.

*Prep work for mom- what you need to have ready before starting including curriculum, rhythm, materials, being familiar with stories, a plan(ner) and legal regulations.

*The Main Lesson Blocks to teach and what your first grader will be learning, including expectations of their skills and pace.

*Experience a real "Main Lesson" with Donna where she will lead you through story, drawing, re-telling and main lesson entry. Awesome!

*How to observe and meet your child where they are, plus understanding how your child's temperament could steer the way you deliver the your lessons.

*Get a Grade 1 Materials List including my favorite brands & where to purchase. Plus, Boot Camp workbook.

*Q&A Time with Donna to answer your Top Questions to prepare for first grade.

“I love Donna's no-nonsense stlye. She has a way of making it understandable and do-able even for beginners.”

 - Shannon R, mother of 2

“Donna knows how to deliver exactly what you need to know without the fluff" -Jessica Bynton, homeschooling mom


Grade 1 Boot Camp

  • 90 Minutes of Live Stream Training with Donna
  • Materials List & PDF Workbook 
  • Q&A Time to ask your specific questions
  • Recording of Boot Camp so you can watch it again!
  • 2 Live Dates to Chose From


$47 $27.00

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