10 Indoor Summer Activities for Kids

rain-rain-go-away-1_lBy Michelle Yera

Has it been a rainy summer where you live?  It’s been raining almost every day in Georgia for the past few weeks!  I typically take my daughter to the park or pool daily during the summer and we’ve had to spend more time inside than we are used to.  This has caused us to get creative and come up with some fun indoor activities that we both enjoy.


1.       The library
Most libraries offer kids events such as toddler time or school age story times and crafts.  Look on your local library’s website for a list of kid’s events or just stop by and spend some time browsing the shelves.  My daughter always looks forward to a library visit!

2.       Indoor Play Places/Jump Houses
If you have indoor play centers like Monkey Joe’s or Catch Air nearby, this can be a great way for the kids to get some energy out if they’ve been cooped up inside too long.  Meet up with some friends and let the kids run while you chat.  Many of them offer discount codes or coupons via email or Facebook so be sure to follow them and save a little money

3.       Bowling /Roller Skating
If your kids are old enough, bowling or roller skating is an activity the whole family can enjoy.  If you have a Brunswick Bowling Center nearby, they have a summer promotion for free bowling.

4.        Visit your local museums.
Many have special free days or certain days with kid’s activities & crafts.

5.       Take in a show
Look up your local community theaters and see if they have any family friendly shows going on for the summer.  We have a wonderful local theater that has daily puppet shows during the summer.  The shows rotate weekly and are very reasonably priced.

6.       Build a Fort
Get out your play silks and sheets and build a fort!  Many times my daughter will build a fort and then spend an hour inside coloring, looking at books or playing with her babies.

7.       Dance!
Get out your instruments & sing or play your favorite music and dance, dance, dance.  Not only is this fun but it’s good exercise as well.

8.       Build a cardboard house
If you have some cardboard boxes lying around, build a house!  You can keep it simple and let the kids have fun decorating with paint and markers or create your own little village.

9.       Create art with Raindrops
Use the rain to your advantage and get crafty with basic art supplies and the rain.  Use markers or pastels and get creative!

10.   Play in the rain!
If it’s not storming, go outside and have some fun.  Splash in the puddles, make a Magical Fairy Puddle or Monster Puddle.   Dance in the rain or go on a walk with your boots and umbrellas.  Make some mud pies.  Be creative and just have fun! (previously posted July 2013)

What are your favorite rainy day activities?  Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

Michelle has spent the last 5 years nurturing and raising her daughter in the Metro Atlanta area.  After enrolling her in a Waldorf Morning Garden program, her interest in the Waldorf method unfolded naturally.  As Client Services Manager for The Waldorf Connection, she provides the support for projects that parallel her own personal parenting values.
Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography / Foter / CC BY

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