Work with Donna

 If you want Waldorf Homeschooling, an alternative holistic education approach, for your family but you’re short on time
 and energy to figure it out by yourself…I have a solution!

 Let me cut your learning time by 50%, saving you tons of time,
energy and wasted money purchasing the wrong materials.

Sure you can find everything you need to get started with Waldorf Homeschooling out there on the web. But it’s a long and bumpy road
sifting through it all, finding what works and how to put it together.

(Believe me after 8 years homeschooling my own girls, I’ve made every mistake and
learned the hard way.) That’s not what I want for you.

I want you to use your time and energy to actually “do” the teaching, singing,
and painting. (Not spend it wondering if you are doing it right.)

If you have loads of extra time and are willing to research, then great! Working with
me is not for you.

But- If you are barely keeping your head above water as it is and now want to add homeschooling to the mix- I can help.

Private Mentoring – personal guidance with Donna. Set up a Get Acquainted call for details. I love working with moms (and dads) one-to-one. We can get alot accomplished in a short time without the overwhelm and frustration. I offer several options from 1/2 day Intensives to longer-term packages that include planning your year, organization and fitting it all in.

I can help you create your  your homeschool plan and put all the pieces together quickly and simply.

Looking for group support?

Start Me Up! Waldorf Club

Start me Up! Waldorf Club is the ultimate group mentoring program that dives much deeper into the basic topics of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling & homestyle.  You get access to all the training programs you need to ramp up into homeschooling with a Waldorf-inspired approach. Set up a Get Acquainted call to see if this group is for you.