Winter Solstice Inspiration


The Winter Solstice is nearly here, and while it means that the cold days of winter still lie ahead, it also means we turn towards the light.  This is such a lovely festival and hope you are excited for this year’s solstice.  Do you have your activities planned?

If you are still looking for some more ideas on what you can incorporate into your festival, check out my Pinterest page:  Waldorf Connection Pinterest

Baking spiral creations or a spiral walk are great ways to celebrate.  Even making lanterns and doing sun crafts are appropriate for this darkest day.  Maybe you keep the house lit only by candle light once the sun goes down.

It is such a magical time when we walk the spiral. I have come to really enjoy this as a holiday favorite. It feels so real and earthy and so far removed from the jangly Christmas that seems to be going on around.

Here is a verse I read each year before we start our walk into the light. (Unknown source- If anyone knows, please comment, so I can give credit. Thanks!)

Deep mid-winter drawing near
Darkness in our garden here
One small flame yet bravely burns
To show a path which ever turns
Earth, please bear with us as we go
Seeking light to send aglow
Branches green and moss and fern
Mark our path to trace each turn
We walk with candle toward the light
While Earth awaits with hope so bright
In the light which finds new birth
Love may spread over the Earth
Deep mid-winter drawing near
May light arise in our garden here

Here’s a link to The Yule Faeries story

Here’s a flashback of a time we got up for the Winter Solstice sunrise:

We woke at 6 and dressed warmly.
By 6:30 we were at the beach complete with blankets and mittens.
It was a pretty chilly morning. We huddled together on top of and under blankets as we watched the sky wake from grey into the most  indescribable hues of gold, blue and orange.

Finally, the center of our view became pink and the new sun rose and shined its light upon us.This blessing came to me while I watched.

Blessed be the Earth

Blessed be the Sun

Blessed be the World

For We Are All One

Enjoy the Winter Solstice!



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