Handbook-ecoverWaldorf Homeschool Handbook

The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to understanding and creating a Waldorf-inspired homeschool.

What if we could strip away the overwhelm and give you a plan to follow?

What if you could create this Amazing Education for your child—
without spending all your time trying to figure out how to do it?

Imagine…You feel confident that you are doing it right. The first steps are clear and you know exactly where to find the resources and support needed to be successful. There’s no second guessing. No confusion. No lack of focus. Without any floundering, your homeschooling falls into place with ease, assurance and joy.tableofcontents
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Here’s what everyone is saying about The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook:

“At last! A book that will lovingly hold your hand and guide you through all you are searching for with
Waldorf homeschooling. This book is pure gold. I can’t tell you how much I love it…seriously,
this is a breakthrough for Waldorf. You have made Waldorf accessible to all in your beautifully written
and easy to read and understand handbook. I have marveled at how homeschooling moms can
feel brave enough to set out on the journey of Waldorf Homeschooling. I have wished for a book
that brings all Waldorf threads together and knits them into a handbook, a what-is, a how-to.

Well, here we have it, folks, seriously… this is it! With this in my hands, I could do it… I , really, REALLY, could!
This book is like having a mentor right there in your home. It is beautiful to read, inspiring, motivating and
utterly informative. It does not make you scared, it empowers.It leads and guides and shows you where to
find what you need to know.”

Donni Webber Donni Webber at Magic Onions




“When we began our Waldorf homeschooling journey a few years ago, there was so much information out there.
I soon discovered that too much information from different sources only caused
confusion and I became overwhelmed.
What I like about Donna’s handbook, is that it’s clear and simple, it guides you through the planning process
for your schooling with wonderful suggestions and her own experience.
This will ensure that you don’t become trapped under a mountain of different curriculum unable
to navigate your way back to shore. Even though we have been homeschooling for a while now,
I have found reading this Waldorf book very refreshing and I will be looking at our homeschooling
from a different angle and implementing a few of the suggestions offered.
I feel that this book is such a gem not only for those new to Waldorf homeschooling but also for those
who have been moving along the Waldorf path of a few years already.”
linda dawkinsLinda Dawkins, Natural Suburbia




“I’m nearly done with the book & I absolutely love it!! It is truly what I was looking for when
I began homeschooling my children years ago.”

stephini minerStephinie Miner at Gypsy Forest


“This book came to me when I needed it most and I am so grateful for that. I have already read it cover to cover
but I keep it on my nightstand for constant reference and inspiration. Donna really simplifies things and brings you
back from feeling overwhelmed to feeling like I can do this!
I have been using the daily rhythm guide featured in the book to get myself back on track and to
figure out areas that haven’t been working for us. For example, I wasn’t balancing our in-breath
and out-breath activities and didn’t even realize it until it was mentioned in chapter two.
I have since begun adjusting our rhythm and things are already running smoother.”

nicole springNicole Spring at Frontier Dreams
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