What a Time for Handwork & Crafts

With Groundhog day and Candlemas just behind us, what a time for handwork and crafts!

What did you do to celebrate?  We always take the time to make beeswax candles.

Not only is the winter season great for blocking out time for creativity, we also have Valentine’s Day ahead.  So, whether you hand out Valentine’s cards to others, or you just want to decorate your own home with lovely items, there are loads of craft ideas.

I just added a bunch of ideas to my Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest that you’ve got to check out!

Tip:  You can even gift the candles you made for Candlemas as Valentine’s gifts — now that’s maximizing your time!

So quick, go check out my Pinterest Board:  Valentine’s Day

From felting to water color, there’s something for everyone.  You could even do some chocolate making!

After you decide what you’re making, be sure to comment in Facebook.  Whether you’re in the Waldorf Homeschool Newbies group, or just like checking in on our Waldorf Connection Page, I want to hear from you and what inspired projects you’re working on!