Weaving Spring Into Your Homeschool


8 Ideas to Weaving Spring into Homeschooling

The Turning of the Clocks has become a celebration of its own in my household. I love having longer nights of light and being able to take a walk after dinner or sit on the porch and watch the twilight birds.

Living in a warm climate, spring bulbs and early flowers bloom in February and by the actual Spring Equinox life is up and around.

Spring is my favorite time of year as all things are reborn.

In ancient cultures and in the astrological calendar, Spring was the New Year, or the Vernal Equinox.
(Being an Aries myself, I may be partial )

Bringing this feeling of newness and rebirth is easy to weave into your homeschooling lessons. Waldorf homeschooling is very steeped in nature and observation and festivals.

1) Take a walk and observe the signs of spring. I’ll bet you’ll find some even if it is snowy.
Can you see the buds swelling on branches? Hear more birdsong?

2) Have your child draw and/or write in a Nature Notebook. Record what they see each week or compare flowers or buds as they emerge. Also, squirrels and birds are making nests and this is a real treat to seek and watch.

3) Change out the nature or seasonal table. This is a great way to display small flowers or items you find to designate spring.

4) Force blossoms or bulbs. Each February I cut some of my forsythia bush and force it in warm water.

5) Plant wheat grass. On Spring Equinox, we always plant our wheat grass seeds. (though I try to time this so that the grass is ready for Easter)

6) Plant a spring garden. You will need to adjust depending on your region. But many early spring seeds can be started indoors until after threat of last frost. (check with a local garden center on last frost date where you are)

Sweet peas, snow peas, lettuce, spinach, chard, broccoli and tender greens can be sown for tasty picking mid-spring.

7)Wet felt Easter Eggs. Another wonderful project and easy for younger hands. (remember to tape your eggs shut before you start felting, learned that the hard way)

Wrap thin layers of felt around the eggs and opposite directions and rub gently under soapy warm water. Keep rubbing. Keep rubbing. Let eggs dry on a towel for 24 hrs.

There are so many crafts for this time of year. A great resource is the book “All Year Round” by Hawthorn Press.

8)Baking. A great way to bring spring festivals into your Waldorf homeschooling lessons.

We bake Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day and Hot Cross Buns for Easter. There are so many options!

“Festivals, Family and Food” is another wonderful book resource.

I would love to hear how you celebrate. Please comment below.

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