Waldorf planning “the extra’s”








Hopefully by now you re searching for curriculum and have outlined
your Main Lesson Blocks. (If not & you need help-schedule a chat with me here)

A  BIG question I hear from my clients is “where do we fit in all the extra stuff?”

Things like handwork, teaching instrument, singing,
baking, woodworking, foreign language, etc.

All those “extra’s” are what makes Waldorf Homeschooling
so amazing and probably what attracted you in the first place.
So, you want to make sure you have those pieces included 
into your days/weeks.

I find it best to create your schedule around your lifestyle, first
and foremost. No point creating unrealistic days. If school must
be taught in the afternoon, then plan main lesson for that time.

Splitting up the day worked best for my schedule and children.

We would do our morning circle time followed by Main Lesson.
Then take a break or lunch. Reading time was always after lunch
(silent reading, or storytime for younger, or completing a project)

Around 3:00 we would get back together for  our afternoon “session”,
but honestly it wasn’t that formal. It was just the time we did crafts,
knitted or sang songs, or worked on Spanish. You could rotate activities:
Mon & Wed knitting, Tues and Thurs Spanish and Friday crafts.

For teaching flute or recorder, I added that to our morning circle time
a few times per week, but you could also add it to the afternoon session.

If time is at a premium (you work or have a business) you may have to do
it all together in one chunk. I would still advise doing main lesson first followed by
a snack or short break/lunch and then the “extra”.

Baking was just ongoing as we always had something going on in the kitchen
once or twice a week.

It helps if you can tie your “extras” into Main Lesson. Knit a figure from a fairytale
or fable. Cook a Jewish meal. Sing a song form the Old West.  It is also much more
fun and expands main lesson into the rest of the day- plus its easier to chose your
projects if you have a theme.

Good luck and comment below on how you are planning to fit you extra’s in…