Waldorf Homeschooling- where do I start?

I was working with a client last week who was feeling overwhelmed and her
big question was “Where do I start?!”

This is quite common, especially in moms with preschool-aged children (3,4,5)
If you have checked out some online resources, and blogs of waldorf homeschoolers,
you can feel very intimidated with what is expected. Or if you are ready to jump into the grades,
that too can seem demanding as far as the learning curve for you, the teacher.

“Where do I start?” I suggest starting from where you are right now.


Depending on several things like, your child’s age, level of knowledge of upcoming curriculum
and your own skills…take a look at where you are currently, and take the 1st step.


For example, you are a mom with a 5 year old who is brand new to Waldorf.
You are going to try homeschooling kindergarten in this upcoming year, but don’t know
what to do next. You are not very crafty, but you can knit a little. You have a few basic books
and have set aside a small budget to purchase some school supplies.


First, know that you don’t need to learn everything right away. You have 2 years before you
need to start academic lessons, in 1st grade. A Waldorf morning garden/kindergarten setting
is play oriented, not learning a.b.c’s. It more about creating a rhythmic foundation in which you
and your child flow through the day. It’s singing songs, verses, short fingerplays and puppet shows.


You can spend an afternoon knitting in front of your child and have them help you wind
the yarn or learn to fingerknit if around age 5.


You can practice painting slowly and then bring it to your child when you feel
comfortable with it. Or create a few handmade toys/props to use for storytelling,
then weave a story about your child’s favorite animal.


The idea is to chunk it down into small steps. Once you get a few concepts under your belt,
you can move on. Your confidence will increase with your level of comfort and skills.


You can chose 1 idea to work on, say storytelling. Then practice and work on that for a month.
When you feel comfortable with that, chose something else. In this way, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.


Would love to hear your comments and ideas below. Please send me a thought!