Waldorf Homeschooling- Summer Planning

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It’s July. How is the planning going? It can be daunting especially
if you have a stack of books and curriculum on your desk that you are eying up
everyday! No problem. Just break it up into doable chunks and do a bit each
week to avoid “cramming” at the last minute.


If you’re not sure (or haven’t started) here are some tips to get things underway.

1) Get familiar with the material:
 What subjects, stories and topics will you be teaching?
 Look through any curriculum lists or books you have to
understand what is coming. Then, start reading some of those stories- now.

Yep. Read fairy tales, fables and nature stories yourself so you know what they are
are all about.

Make notes while reading; Which ones feel like they would resonate with your child?
Which do you like?  These will be the ones you will teach next fall.

2) Supplies List:

As you are going through the topics, jot down what materials you will need to
purchase (or replace). First grade? Then you will need knitting needles and yarn.

Check your current stash of crayons and pencils. Will you need main lesson books?

Keep a running list that you can add to when you discover something else.


 3) Calendar Out The Year:

Start looking at when you will not be homeschooling next year.
Is there a family vacation in Oct.?  Having a baby? Visiting relatives next spring?
By marking in where you won’t be schooling, you can clearly see what is left for
you to work in your lessons.

This is homeschooling, so your life will be mixed in with your school.


4)Main Lesson Blocks:

Start sketching in your main lesson blocks as the framework for your year.
This is no real rules for this, but see if there are time it makes sense to cover a
certain block.

ex. Farming or Botany is best done when weather is nice outdoors.

For large blocks that are 8 or 12 weeks, break them up into 4 week (monthly)
blocks with some math or science in between.


You can do it. Remember bite size pieces and keep chewing.

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