Waldorf Homeschooling- How can I get my child to cooperate?

This week’s question:

Q. “How can I get my child to cooperate and keep his attention?”

A. This is one of those answers where you might be expecting ideas and things
to implement to “make your child” behave a certain way. But actually, it is a
a much different answer.

We need to start with ourselves. Hmmm, you say. But I just want my child
to pay attention and do his lessons with joy!

Yes, we as “teacher” have goals and lesson plans that we want to follow.

But, from my training as a Peace of Mind Parenting Coach, I feel we first need
to figure out what is actually going on.

Children don’t always want to do want we want them to do. Right?
Sometimes we don’t feel like doing the dishes, so we leave them until the
morning, but no one is looking over our shoulder telling us to get in there
and finish.

So, become a detective. See if you can pull back from the emotion
of the situation and figure out “why” your child isn’t being engaged.
Could it be timing? Content? Is he hungry? Is it a certain “thing”
he is balking at (Math, reading writing)?

Once you have a better idea what could be triggering the issue,
see if there is a way you can bring the same info in a different way.
This was just suggested to me for one of my girls who is a wonderful
reader, yet decided she didn’t “like” to read. Someone suggested to
have read alouds. We take turned reading a few pages. Or I start
the book and then she gets so interested in it, she takes it from me
and finishes it!

Another ideas was writing. My girls started to groan when I asked them to
write in their journals. Then I came up with the idea of them writing a silly
story. They also created their own nursery rhyme. Make it fun!
No one likes to do something that seems boring or daunting.

If it is something like singing or handwork that your child is
pushing away. Don’t force it. See if there is something else that
can replace that. Woodworking or playing an instrument could
be just the thing that gets their juices flowing.

The joy of homeschooling is to foster the child and their
gifts. Being flexible and going with the flow will save you
a lot of stress.


  1. Kristina Peterson says

    One thing that I like to do is to share with my son what my plans are.  I’ll let him know that i would like to start our day with prayer and candle lighting.  Or this week we are going to work on this math process and this is how or we can do these things.  I’ll ask him for his input.  Sometimes I have to pull out the logic card and explain why and tell him we are going to try it and see what he thinks. 
    I guess what I am saying is that we work together and that seems to make everything run smoothly.

    That does mean that he sometimes decides that he needs to run around outside first and slay a dragon.

    Kris P