I’m so glad you made your way to this page. This is where I want to
lead you step-by-step through
the magic of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling.

When you started a new job you were given some guidance and training on how
to be the most effective and do things correctly, right?

Well, you have to think of “homeschool teacher” as your new position!
(We all know it is much more than a job, and that is all the more reason
why you need to know what to do and how to do it.)

 Newbie:   bigstock-Portrait-Of-Young-Student-Gir-8253171

You are brand new to homeschooling and may or may not have a touch of Waldorf experience.
Your child is most likely preschool age (3-5) but could also be older if you have just decided to homeschool or pulled your child out of school.

Thoughts running through your head could be things like:

“I have no idea where to start.”
“This looks like way too much to learn. How can I do all this?”
“Is this best for my child?”
“Can I make this work?”

First Step–> Understand what Waldorf Homeschooling “is” and “looks like”.
Is not just a form of education, when done properly.  It nourishes and encourages and lets your child unfold naturally and holistically. You are looking for an alternative to traditional school and this is it. It’s education through nature, arts and stories.

First Step Trainings:
Rhythm & Organization Strategy
Understanding What Waldorf Is: Step 1
The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook

new ebook ecover


In-Depth Training Programs:both

Living the Waldorf Life complete online course

School for all Seasons preschool/kindergarten program & curriculum

Seasons Ebook








Homeschooling The Grades

You have a child who is kindergarten age or older and are ready to  begin official homeschooling. You have the basic understanding of what Waldorf is and are moving into the nuts and bolts
of academics now. (Please don’t skip the previous step- Living the Waldorf Life is an amazing
foundation course to creating a Waldorf homestyle for your child).

Thoughts running through your head could be like:

“How do I set up lessons for 2 or more children? Or how do I school my older child with a toddler/baby?”
“What does a homeschool day look like and how can I fit it into my day?”
“Where do I start with planning, materials and supplies?”
“How do I do all this?”WH-Cover-Flat-200px wide copy

Now, we have to build on your Waldorf-inspired foundation and add the “school.”
Take it a step at a time and be kind to yourself; this is a process. Here are a few
training programs to make things easier.

Introductory Training:
The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook
The Start Me Up! Waldorf Club

Training Courses:
Waldorf Homeschool U complete online course
School for All Seasons: prek/kindergarten curriculum



You have some of the basics and are committed to making this work for you and your child.  You want  someone who knows your situation customize your training.  Many times it is the small things that make all the difference and having a mentor can move you forward quickly and with much less effort.  Having a small group of other moms who are where you are creates a
synergy of inspiration, accountability and bonding.
Schedule a Get Acquainted call and I’ll see how I can help get you to your

I wish you all the success and joy on your homeschool journey!

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