The Simple Homeschool Life

The Simple Homeschool Life- by Donna Ashton

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In this hustle bustle world of instant everything is there any wonder

we are craving a simpler, more mindful flow to our days?

The noise of life, crazy schedules, always being “connected” can make one wish to live in a little house on the prairie.

I had this thought one day after watching a movie. How nice would it be to have a little cottage with no electricity? To live by the rhythms of the sun, immerse myself in chores like churning butter and kneading bread. Then, my sister texted me and I was brought back to the 21st century.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t balance our hectic lives in a more simplistic way. Maybe we get the best of both worlds.. We have a choice to unplug and enjoy the tasks of our grandmothers. How do we do this? Here are a few ideas…

Rhythm: By creating a strong rhythm , we support this balanced lifestyle with a structure that give us freedom. Here’s what I mean. If each day you have no plan or flow of what happens in the morning, afternoon or bedtime then you end up making it up as you go. This creates the “trying to catch-up and be 1-step ahead of your children” syndrome who are begging you “What’s for lunch? What are we doing today?”

You end up thinking up something quickly and pretending you have it all together. Or maybe you just put it back on them, “What would you like to do?” That can also be scary.

With a gentle rhythm in place, there are less decisions you need to make because it is already decided. Morning chores, breakfast, walk and then playtime. Within the structure is plenty of opportunities to sprinkle in the fun stuff. And now you have more time to plan these fun activities!

Scheduling: This realm goes hand-in-hand with rhythm but is about balancing this 21st century with your butter churning. There are things you will have go do and your children will want to do. Yoga, book club, carpool, soccer, dance, gymnastics, music lessons… this is in addition to normal errands, library, and shopping. Our lives have become a quest to enrich our children’s lives and let them try every possible option. I invite you to think of your child’s life as an unfolding process.

The keys to balanced scheduling are to decide if it is really necessary. If your activity gets cancelled and you are cheering, then it may be time to drop it.

Environment: If the thought of decluttering your home is making you exhausted, you may have some work to do! I have a hard time going through my day while eyeing up all the piles and clutter I see.

It is an energy drain on us and it is overwhelming to our children. Did you know that too much stuff causes children to see our world in a shallow way? They never develop the capacity for deep play and getting steeped in their environment if they flit from toy to toy.

Each time I clear out the toys and set out just a few open-ended items, my girls will race over and start creating a story with their imaginations.

Slowing down and embracing this conscious living is simple, but can take a bit of rearranging within our current lifestyles.


  1. Katie Sullivan says

    We are working this year on all these things. With each day, the process is easier and our homeschool more enjoyable. I am a seasoned homeschooler but as a new Waldorf homeschooler I was amazed what a difference rhythm made! Katie from My Sweet Homeschool