Success Stories

Carolina Brancato pic“Before I took Donna’s LIVING THE WALDORF LIFE course, I was feeling so overwhelmed! I was swimming against the current and starting to second guess myself- (and feel a bit crazy!)  I knew I needed to get some help & guidance to make it work.
From her course, I learned that there are other families around the world feeling exactly the same, that it is possible to believe in and practice a Waldorf education & that it is crucial for me to have support & community to share ideas and experiences.
This information will help because now I feel more inspired and confident to continue with a Waldorf education. Now I can use these tools to serve my family here and now. I can’t wait to continue to educate myself as a mom, to better educate my kids, as well as to reflect about why I am doing all this.
I also loved  Donna´s kind way to support me without any pressure. A homeschool mother´s life is not easy- We need guidance, support, sense of humor, inspiration, information and lot of compliments! Donna was giving all of this in this course!! Thanks Donna!!” -Caroline Brancato


katherine mcginn“Working with Donna helped me find the natural steps I could take to begin our homeschooling journey. I no longer feel uncertain but am empowered and excited to take this on endeavor.

It was so helpful to be able to ask her my specific questions and it meant a lot knowing there were others who have taken on this journey with the same concerns as I have. I felt very supported and have a lot of helpful knowledge now to move forward with. Thanks again!” -Katherine McGinn


Michelle Matthews“I was recently introduced to The Waldorf Connection through my research into Waldorf education in general.  I am so happy to have found and its creator, Donna Ashton.

Prior to my taking the Waldorf Homeschool U course offered at The Waldorf Connection, I knew very little about the Waldorf Program and even less about how to implement it with my children.  Now I have both the information and the confidence I need to successfully integrate the Waldorf principles into our home.

By sharing her own practices and enlisting Waldorf teachers and practitioners in developing her website, Donna has created an invaluable resource for families at almost any stage in their homeschooling path.  The expertise, experiences and recommendations of all the presenters is constructive, workable and inspiring.  I now feel I can adapt Waldorf homeschooling to meet the needs of both of my children as they progress through their education.

Of all the benefits offered by Donna and her team at The Waldorf Connection, I believe the most important is the support of The Waldorf Connection community to help us thrive throughout our homeschooling journey.  Knowing I can ask questions and receive guidance to help us navigate our learning is going to be instrumental in our success.

I am thankful to have been able to connect with Donna and The Waldorf Connection at the early stages of my children’s education.  I am also recommending it to all my friends who are considering homeschooling their children.

Thank you Donna and The Waldorf Connection!” -Michele Matthews


Michelle Sandoz“I had never realized the word Rhythm was more than a term for music until I happened on your website. I know that I was way off of my rhythm

I purchased your Rhythm program and dove in.

We now have a nature table in our house because I learned about how to bring God’s beauty in the house by having a place to keep our special discoveries from our nature hikes.
I am thankful for you valuable postings and website!” – Michele Sandoz


sheila P“Donna Ashton was instrumental in helping me to start homeschooling with Waldorf-inspired methods, especially with the foundations of rhythm and planning. I find her overall style to be fun and approachable. Her Waldorf Homeschooling Expo is one of the highlights of my year, and I always find her interviews to be insightful, inspiring and practical. In the four years I have been homeschooling with Waldorf, she has become a dear friend. Thanks Donna!!” -Sheila Petruccelli




fiona“I now see the world through completely new eyes.

Thank you for all the reminders of so many significant aspects of ones life with young children. Thank you for reminding me that my child would be better off if I talked less and more consciously engaged her in tasks that are the right ones for her age. Thank you for the reminder that transition times are challenging times of the day and it’s not just me or my children.

Thank you for reminding me how significant this work is, because when I really look into the eyes of my children I see so much. Bringing in incarnating souls is the hardest work I have ever done and I now see the world through completely new eyes. The eyes of an adult, the eyes of the child in me & through the eyes of my own children.” -Fiona B.

5346b2da84c49f017d00d927“Before I took Donna’s course, School For All Seasons, I was feeling inspired and excited by Waldorf education, yet also unsure how to proceed with applying it to my daughter, Lili in our home environment so that she will blossom.

I knew I needed help and guidance. From her class I learned the nuts and bolts of Waldorf homeschooling and how we can all benefit from its holistic philosophy. I also learned that it is an organic process by which both the child and teacher learn to nurture the whole self.

This info will help because I now feel confident in my ability to guide Lili down a path which will give her the tools to blossom into a balanced and healthy adult.

I also loved all of Donna’s words of wisdom which were relayed in a very lighthearted, supportive and positive manner. The video tutorials and the beautiful curriculum are simply lovely and easy to comprehend and apply. Thank you Donna for a phenomenal course and curriculum!” -Shelly Cariot, Fla