sponsorship logogDear Awesome Business Owner,

I know you want to make every dollar count when it comes to advertising, marketing, and spreading the word about your products and services.

How can you tell if what you are doing is working?

Do you have the structures in place to maximize what you are putting out?

Can you draw a direct line form your investment to your bottom line?

As a highly successful online business, I have worked with a lot of smaller family business sponsors that wanted to be “more online” and reach a greater audience. Great!

But, many didn’t have the necessary systems in place to “grab” the traffic that was heading their way.

In 2016, The Waldorf Connection will be working with a select few sponsors on a month to month basis with NEW affordable rates.  We have a HUGE community and we want to share it with you (if you are a good fit.)

We want you to get the most form your sponsorship with us (Every dollar counts!).

Want more info? Let us know. Questions? Send them to support@thewaldorfconnection.com

Look Forward to Working with you,


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