Thinking about Homeschool Planning and inspiration?

“HomeSchool Package”

This package includes:
1) A Waldorf Homeschool Day – Anne Cleveland goes through what a typical day looks like including circle, main lesson,
scheduling, etc.

2) Bringing Homeschool Outdoors – Kristie Burns goes into great depth about how important it is to get your children
outside and how to incorporate this into your lessons.

3) Basic Planning – Donna Ashton gives you a head start on her planning methods. How to get started, gathering materials,
and more!

4) Homeschooling with Multiple Kids – Barbara Dewey helps those with 2 or more children balance different grades as
well as having toddlers with homeschooling.

5) The Energy of Education– Kaitlyn Keyt uncovers how energy affects learning and talks a bit about ADD.

*** Regularly priced at a total of $119 when purchased separately ***

Special for Simple Homeschool Community:
Now only $47 for the whole package, Over 55% OFF