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What should a child this age be doing but enjoying life and playing? running-2

New research shows that for early childhood, playful learning is a much more effective method for children to learn. It really uses the child’s natural curiosity and creativity.
There is actually greater gains in learning through playful learning than there is through direct instruction. “Guided play advances cognitive skills like language, reading, math, as well as social skills like emotion regulation” says Dr. Katherine Hirsh-Pasek, psychologist and playful learning advocate.
ist1_11883084-blowing-bubbles In Waldorf homeschooling “Play” is the main focus of these children under 7. Yet there is a rhythm to the day which includes in and out breath activities, imitation and balance.

“People will object that the children learn to read and write too late. That is said only because it is not known today how harmful it is… Reading and writing as we have them today are really not suited to the human being till a later age.. The more a child is blessed with not being able to read and write well before this age, the better it is for the later years of life. A child who cannot write properly at thirteen or fourteen is not so hindered for later spiritual development as one who early, at seven or eight years can already read and write perfectly.”- Rudolf Steiner, The Kingdom of Childhood bbc

What if there was a simpler & easier way to bring Waldorf
to your young child?

What if we could strip away the overwhelm and give you a plan to follow? What if you could create this Holistic Education for your child— without spending all your time trying to figure out how to do it? [/su_note]   Seasons Ebook

 School for all Seasons- The “How to” way to bring Waldorf-inspired living & learning to your young child

School for all Seasons Nature Curriculum PDF

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*Sept- through May week-by-week curriculum (4 days)
*Stories, Book recommendations, Crafts, Projects & Recipes
*Interactive Pinterest Board links throughout (click & view projects, tutorials)
*4 Arts Tutorial Videos (Storytelling, Circle Time, Drawing, Painting)
*Circle Time complete pak- Autumn, Winter, Spring simple circle done for you
*Circle Time songs on mp3- listen and learn the songs so you can sing to your child
*Circle Time bonus call

*Easy Festivals Guide- Follow through the year with Donna’s suggestions for celebrating
*Bonus Summer Month (4 weeks of themes)
*How to Use the Curriculum audio
*this is not a hard copy product

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Theme Overview:

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