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The trend of educating our children younger and younger seems to have reached outrageous proportions. Testing and expecting 4-5-6 year olds to adhere to unrealistic expectations of reading and math have started a new trend in many schools – early grade burn-out. By age 9, they have had years of too much, too soon and have grown weary and stressed out by forced early academics. The love of learning is squashed down by this approach. In the last 2 decades, children have lost over 8 hours of play per week.

What should a child this age be doing but enjoying life and playing?

“The ability to play is one of the best predictors we have of later mathematics and reading achievement.What’s remarkable is that, in this era of “evidence-based teaching,” so few educators are aware of this research. Why does young children’s play lead to academic success ? New studies offer a very good clue: Play promotes self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to control your own behavior, emotions and thinking. It is essential for learning in all areas.” – By JEFFREY TRAWICK-SMITH, The Hartford Courant


New research shows that for early childhood, playful learning is a much more effective method for children to learn. It really uses the child’s natural curiosity and creativity.
There is actually greater gains in learning through playful learning than there is through direct instruction.

“Guided play advances cognitive skills like language, reading, math, as well as social skills like emotion regulation” says Dr. Katherine Hirsh-Pasek, psychologist and playful learning advocate.


 In Waldorf homeschooling “Play” is the main focus of these children under 7. Yet there is a rhythm to the day which includes in and out breath activities,  imitation and balance.

 “People will object that the children learn to read and write too late. That is said only because it is not known today how harmful it is… Reading and writing as we have them today are really not suited to the human being till a later age.. The more a child is blessed with not being able to read and write well before this age, the better it is for the later years of life. A child who cannot write properly at thirteen or fourteen is not so hindered for later spiritual development as one who early, at seven or eight years can already read and write perfectly.”-Rudolf Steiner, The Kingdom of Childhood bbc IMG_1768Donna Ashton is an eight-year veteran Waldorf homeschooling mom & homeschooling mentor. She has worked with hundreds of families through her online workshops, telesummits and programs. Her goal is  to make all this easier, less stressful and time consuming. 

She is a certified Simplicity Parenting Group Leader and Peace of Mind Parenting Coach. Donna specializes in mentoring her clients with realistic, practical tools to simplify and balance their lives to be the most effective homeschoolers they can be.

5 Amazing Things You’ll Experience
from School for All Seasons

mother-childGently timed academics- let your child experience childhood. The job of a young child is run, skip, jump and climb. He needs to experience life through his body before academics are introduced. This step cannot be skipped nor can it be re-gained. Thrusting reading and mathematics on children under 7 can cause adverse effects.     

Educate your child with a natural, holistic approach of body, mind & spirit. We want balance for our children and this type of education touches all aspects of their being plus a healthy dose of nature.

Expose them to the arts & music & movement. Boost their academic power later in life. Did you know that children learn and retain information better while the are in motion?


Create an enhanced environment where your child can Tire Swingthrive. You want the space your child lives in to be nourishing, and allow him the freedom to grow. By weaving nature and natural playthings into this space, your child will have the “tools” he needs for imagination and creative play.    

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Time Saving Teaching- know you are doing it right (without the stress of figuring it out alone). Getting the foundational pieces in place is the backbone of educating a young child. The hard part? You are super busy with one of more young children! Your day is already full with child care and homemaking.  The step-by-step teaching in School for All Seasons allows your personality to shine through, but gives you the tools to do it much more efficiently.

Even with all the books, curricula and tools out there, why are so many families still struggling?

Does it all really need to be this hard?

What if there was a quicker & easier way?

What if we could strip away the overwhelm and give you a plan to follow?

What if you could create this Holistic Education for your child—
without spending all your time trying to figure out how to do it?

Seasons Ebook

 School for all Seasons- The “How to” way to bring Waldorf-inspired
living & learning to your young child


Here’s the Class Info…

School for all Seasons: Early Childhood Program & Curriculum

How to bring Waldorf-inspired living & learning to your young child- E Learning Course

Module 1: Creating the Foundation for Your Child

*Environment- create the setting and nourish their soul
*Child development- the behind the scenes growth your child is doing
*Toys & Creative Play – give your child the correct tools
*How-To Video of the Week: Using Block Crayons Tutorial
waldorf toys
Module 2: Daily Schedules & Routines

*Simple living -creating space for connection

*Daily & Weekly Rhythm & Schedules
*Discipline and Your Young Child- rhythm
*How-To Video of the week: Wet-on-wet Painting Tutorial
Module 3: Circle Time & Artistic Expression

*Bringing the Arts to your child – boost their academic capacity
*Sprinkle in Festivals – connecting to rituals and people
*How to create a successful circle time – the easy way

How-To Video of the week: Circle Time Mp3 & Verses
Module 4: Seasonal Curriculum
*Storytelling Using Props- simple to follow template
*Nature, Seasons & Crafts (includes a week-by-week curriculum)
*Next steps & Resources
*How-To Video of the week: Telling stories with props

6 Reasons this Program will work for You:

Reason 1: We literally walk you through the program step-by-step where you can ask questions along the way.

Reason 2: The program gives you a digestible amount of theory and practical information, creating the balance needed to make it work.(And some awesome How-to videos.)

Reason 3: Recordings are available for all sessions to listen and download.

Reason 4: You’ll have a community of other moms who “get exactly where you are”.

Reason 5: We chunked down the vast information into easy to understand basics.

Reason 6: This is your chance to learn from an experienced teacher & veteran homeschooling mom-I’ve been there!

We designed the School for All Seasons to make schooling and guiding your child easier,
not just another book you have to read.

We give you exactly what you need, no more no less.

We also know you don’t like to wait for all the information,
so we have created this course over 4 weeks.

Easy & simple.

There’s a Waldorf-inspired Homeschool teacher in you just itching to get out.

Stop wasting time trying to do it alone.

This course will provide the steps you need to take to create living and learning with a young child.
Our materials are top quality as is our information. We deliver what we promise.
If for any unlikely reason School for All Seasons doesn’t live up to any of these promises,
just drop us an email. You can opt for 
personal coaching, another course or a prompt and
courteous refund before the second class.



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Seasons Ebook



Videos of Circle time, wet-on-wet painting and Storytelling, Block Crayon drawing
to get you going (value$97)

Done-for-You Circle with audio MP3  (value $297)

Addition into our Curriculum FB Group for added support  (value priceless!)

Here’s what’s included in the Homestudy program:

Seasons Ipad*4  E-Learning audio recordings

*PDF Worksheets & Class Transcripts

*10 month Seasonal Curriculum: week-by-week guide

* How-To Video Tutorials

*Facebook Group for Curriculum discussion

*Bonuses- awesome value included in this program





Course & Curriculum Tuition:



Southern Hemisphere Version  >>>>> $197   $127

Take a peek inside…

Theme Overview:

curriculum overview jpg Download sample lesson

Questions about the course? Click HERE to access the special FAQ page.

I look forward to helping YOU create the best homeschool you desire for your child.



P.S. You ready to do this and I will walk you through every step. You can do it.



Kudos for our courses:

“I stumbled on to your wonderful website through Facebook and love the resources you have available This program is information packed (and I’ve only listened to 2 mp3s so far!). One idea I put into place immediately was decluttering our home space by removing a too large dining room table. Now with all the extra space, our home feels larger and it lightens the energy in our space. This course was just what I needed to get this done finally. Another amazing technique I use in my playschool is “quiet redirection.” We have a couple of very energetic children this year who are just beginning to understand how to appropriately interact with other children. When things are getting a little out of hand, I grab the modelling wax and start playing. It has worked 100% of the time to redirect the behavior, and everyone becomes more focused. Thank you so much for putting this together for educators like me! ” By Angela Miki, Director/Teacher- Abbey Playschool

“One of the many things I really valued about the early years on-line course was the time that I carved out to be on the live calls. It made a huge difference to be spending focused, concentrated time on the main issue of my life (which is bringing up my child in the best way I can do). Usually I am trying to figure things out and problem solve on the run – with very little mind space open (ok – usually no mind space open). With both the classes on the phone and the conversation I had with you, Donna, there were little breakthroughs in being able to have clear thoughts about coming to new rhythms and daily practices that have since worked sooo much better. Since our call, the rhythms have been more smooth, still tricky, but have taken a big step forward. ” By Pamela Carlson

“After completing the early childhood program last year…”Little by little things are falling into place and I can see the eyes of my son opening wider for more! A simple success for us is bedtime routine…Bath on bath night,candle lighting,Nighttime verse, lights out (Snip snap snout the lights have gone out! Salt lamp on the nightstand or candle), Mama made stories and then our nighttime song. I’ve also used the talking in stories to displace anger and non-gentle behavior towards the baby – it’s amazing how that works. I must say though it is tough taking that out of the toolbox when situations arise when your not expecting them! That’s where the mama inner work is sooo important! I appreciate all that you do for the Waldorf Homeschooling community!” ” By Johanna Welch  


REFUND POLICY: As with every previous online business training, I have every confidence that this training will far exceed your expectations and that its value is many times over your investment. For this reason, and in order to prevent abuse of the system, when you sign up for this training it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given on digital products & that all installments (if you choose that option) must be paid on time as agreed, and that you are happy to purchase the program on that understanding. If you have questions, feel free to email us at We are happy to discuss this with you personally if you have questions. Thank you!