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November 28-30, 2016

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Getting Started

Donna Ashton Waldorf Homeschooling 101

Donna Ashton Waldorf Homeschooling 101

“Waldorf Basics – Get a Crash Course of Waldorf 101” with Jennifer Tan

Featured on HGTV, Jennifer’s creativity in many areas pour out into her Waldorf-inspired schooling and wonderful creations.

“Understanding the 4-Fold Human Being – The Foundation of Waldorf Education” with Lynn Jericho

Lynn Jericho talks about Steiner’s bodies and 4-fold approach.


“Building Character thru Education” with Rainbow Rosenbloom

Rainbow gave a insightful foundation for helping us build character in our children through the stories of Waldorf and through our own evolution. There were some great questions asked by moms and his answers are priceless.

“Waldorf 101: Answering Your Top Questions” with Kristie Burns

She goes through top questions and basics of understanding behind the scenes of Waldorf homeschooling.

“3 Challenges of Waldorf Homeschooling Parents” with Lynn Jericho

“Creating a Waldorf Home” with Jessica Henry
how to create that Waldorf environment for your family.

“Understanding Math & Your Child’s Needs” with Jamie York
excellent class about meeting your child where they are in math.

“Waldorf: Schools, Charters & Homeschooling” with Rainbow Rosenbloom
Rainbow talks about the differences in charter schools, homeschool and waldorf schools.

“A Waldorf Home School Day” with Anne Cleveland

Waldorf teacher Anne and I walk you through a Visual presentation with tips and ideas of a typical Waldorf homeschool day.

“Determining Your Grade” with Rainbow Rosenbloom

Rainbow discusses grade indicators and flexibility when deciding on your child’s grade.

“From School to Homeschool” with Tammy Takahasi

A provocative workshop about bringing your child home from school and the challenges and roadblocks YOU have as a parent! Not to be missed!

“Homeschooling with Multiple Children” with Tanya Burgoyne

Listen to a real homeschooling mom with 9 children tell all about her system for organization, rhythm and staying sane! Tanya adds a bit of an unschooling flair to this workshop.

“Science in the Grades” with Barbara Dewey

Barbara explains how Science can be integrated in your homeschooling lessons.

“Math in the Grades” with Barbara Dewey

Barbara goes through each grade with ideas for Living Math.

“Thriving with Waldorf Education” with Marsha Johnson

Think you are the “odd-one” on the block? No worries. Marsha gives you ways to embrace the waldorf weirdness and get support from the outsiders.

“Dealing with Your Child 24/7 while Homeschooling” with Renee Kendley

Bring a peaceful approach to your child (even though you spend every day together) Homeschoolers will really appreciate and learn from this training.


Carrie Dendtler Planning First Grade

Carrie Dendtler Planning First Grade

“Guide to Planning Block Rotations” with Anne Cleveland

Start your planning Today, follow along with Anne for tips on how to plan those main lesson blocks while you are listening!

“7 Steps to a Successful Circle Time” with Anne Cleveland
wonderful tutorial about the components of circle time

“Homeschool Planning” with Jennifer Tan

getting organized and planning your blocks for the year.

“Creating an Organized Life” with Jennifer Louden

Amazing author, Jennifer louden helps us realize what is important about our path in life.

“Benefits of Early Planning” with Anne Cleveland
It’s never too early to plan, get tips on starting early to avoid the stress


Anne Cleveland Form Drawing and Teaching Letters

Anne Cleveland Form Drawing and Teaching Letters

Brian Wolfe Creating a Chalkboard Drawing

Brian Wolfe Creating a Chalkboard Drawing

Jennifer Tan Teaching Handwork with Stories

Jennifer Tan Teaching Handwork with Stories

“Handwork Basics” with Jennifer Tan

Great intro into how to get started, where to find supplies, and much more!

“The Importance of Handwriting” with Jennifer Crebbin of Vimala Alphabet

“Handwork Outside the Box” with Jennifer Tan
great suggestions for other types of handwork

“Form Drawing” with Rick & Jennifer Tan

Waldorf teacher Rick Tan and homeschooling consultant Jennifer Tan explain the ins and outs of form drawing with visual power point slides and examples.

“Handwork for the Year” with Jennifer Tan

Excellent resource for planning handwork throughout the year. Jennifer gives a lot of info on what age to start different types of handwork, resources and seasonal ideas.

“Handwork” with Heather Fontenot

Heather brings examples of handwork for different ages and discusses the importance.


“The Role of Rhythm in Homeschooling” with Kim Payne
excellent class on bringing rhythm to your homeschooling day.

“Getting It All Done: Creating Your Ideal Rhythm” with Donna Ashton
how to make rhythm work for YOU

“Setting Up Your Homeschool Day” with Donna Ashton

I bring you tried-and-true examples of my daily rhythm, what has worked for me and my girls and tips so you can set your homeschool days up for success.

“Creating Rhythm” with Sharifa Oppenheimer

This workshops is a must for anyone wishing their days were more Waldorf-y and more rhythmic. Sharifa has a magical energy she brings to all who listen.


Susan Perrow Stories for Everyday Challenges

Susan Perrow Stories for Everyday Challenges

“Waldorf Homeschooling thru Storytelling” with Reg Down

Waldorf is steeped in stories and Reg gives you types of stories you can bring to your children with tips how. Reg is the author of the Tiptoes Lightly Series.

“Using Storytelling for Conflict Resolution” with David Sewell McCann
excellent class on using stories for squabbles and other parenting challenges.

“Intuitive Storytelling” with David Sewell McCann

David Sewell McCann, a Waldorf class teacher and parent, shares his method of intuitive storytelling
through freedom and trust.

“Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior” by Storyteller Susan Perrow

Susan shows how to create healing stories for your own individual child’s needs. She walks us through some examples of how stories have healed.

“Soothing Stories for Sensitive Children” with David Sewell McCann

Have a sensitive child? David brings use ideas, techniques and awareness to how the outside world can bombarb your child and how you can help soothe. Excellent!

“Storytelling: Spinning a Yarn” with David Sewell McCann

David walks parents step-by-step how to tell stories on the fly, with environmental influence and to tap into your inner storyteller. Awesome!


Michelle Prindle Music from Early Childhood into the Grades

Michelle Prindle Music from Early Childhood into the Grades

“Teaching a Blowing Instrument” with Jodie Mesler

A musical extravaganza! Actual music demonstrations, singing, and all about how to choose an instrument and teach it to your child.

“Music Through the Grades” with Anne Cleveland

Match your main lesson to songs! See the progression of singing and music as your child
goes through the grades.

“Bringing Music to Your Days – with Anne Cleveland
Easy ways to bring music to your child throughout the day

Making It Easier

Heather Chauvin Energetic Time Management for Moms

Heather Chauvin Energetic Time Management for Moms

Renee Kendley Navigating Sibling Relationships with Peace

Renee Kendley Navigating Sibling Relationships with Peace

“How Self-Care is the Most Selfless Thing You Can Do” with Heather Chauvin

Busy moms listen up! You will be a better mom, wife, woman, person when you are also taking a few moments for yourself. Heather teaches very practical ways to make this happen in real life.

“How to use a Homeschool Planner to Save Time” with Anne Cleveland

Time saving ways to use a planner for best results. Overview of planning blocks and tips to keep it organized.

“Adapting Waldorf to You” with Alison Manzer

Homeschooling is really about making it fit into your life so you can give your child what he needs. Don’t squeeze your round peg into a square hole. Veteran homeschooler Alison tells us how she made it work for her family.

“Declutter for a Smoother Day” with Donna Ashton
free your space of extra things to make space to breath and bring in peaceful energy

“Homeschooling with a Toddler in Tow” with Rebecca Richards
how to keep your young toddler occupied while you homeschool your older child.

“Mindful Parenting for Busy Moms” with Katrina Kenison

Katrina is the author of Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry and other literary works featured in The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Country Journal, Family Circle, Redbook, and other publications.

“Encourage Cooperation” with Adele Faber

Learn tips & real concrete ways to communicate with your child. Adele’s years of work with groups and school coming shining through in this workshop.


“Why Knowing Your Child’s Temperament Will Change Your Life” with Kristie Burns

When you know how your child is wired, it is like the key to everything! Learn how to talk, teach and communicate with your family to enhance learning and loving.

“Keeping Boys Alive! at Home” with Janet Allison

Janet always has amazing info on Boys (and girls!) and how to keep them engaged and thriving.

“Determining Your Child’s Temperament” with Kristie Burns
more about temperaments and ways to hone in on your child’s (and yours)

“Peacefully Communicating with your Child” with Jolette Jai
make the shift to a more peaceful parenting style

“Temperament Workshops” with Kristie Burns

Teaching to the Temperaments – discusses how to motivate and teach to your child’s temperament.

Part 1 – Choleric & Sanguine

In-depth analysis of these two (2) temperaments.

Part 2 – Melancholic & Phlegmatic

In-depth analysis of these two (2) temperaments.


Eugene Schwartz From Playing to Thinking

Eugene Schwartz From Playing to Thinking

Rainbow Rosenbloom How Waldorf Builds Capacities for Leadership

Rainbow Rosenbloom How Waldorf Builds Capacities for Leadership

Jean Miller The 5 Essential Elements of a Main Lesson

Jean Miller The 5 Essential Elements of a Main Lesson

Marin Lipowitz Learning Math Through Stories

Marin Lipowitz Learning Math Through Stories

Janet Allison Literacy with Boys

Janet Allison Literacy with Boys

“Main Lesson Blocks & Books” with Jean Miller

A wonderful how-to guide to using main lesson books and blocks.

“Intro to Waldorf Math: Lower Grades” with Howard Schrager

Fun and engaging ways to bring math to your elementary school child. Lots of examples for you.

“Making Math Meaningful” with Jamie York

Math is one of those subjects that many of us don’t look forward to teaching, but what if there was a way to create a love for numbers in our children? Jamie explains how to create an environment where math lives inside children and how you can help.

“How Fairy Tales Touch the Hand, Heart and Head” with Sally Haughey

Sally delves into fairy tales and why they resonate so much with children. She will help you to be a better story teller and explain how wonderful fairy tales are and why.

“What You Are REALLY Teaching in Waldorf Lessons” with Rainbow Rosenbloom

Rainbow talks about the lessons behind the lessons in this insightful talk. Learn why we teach the Old testament in third grade and fables in second grade and much more! When you have this behind the scenes info- your lessons will be a success.

“The Reasons for What We Teach” with Beth Sutton, Developer of Enki Education

A great look at alternative education and expanding multicultural ideas. You may already be doing a lot of homeschooling concepts, listen to her great workshop on how to bring things to life.

“Creating Your Own Curriculum” with Marsha Johnson

Think outside of the boxed curriculum and get inspired! Excellent chance to hear from Mrs. M.

“Bringing Homeschooling Outdoors” with Kristie Burns
great ideas for homeschooling in nature

“The Spiritual Energy of Education” with Kaitlyn Keyt
intuition and energy plays a role in education and in your childs life

“Deschooling you and your child” with Tammy Takahashi
tips on helping your child (and you) drop the “formal school” ideas

“Loves Other Name: Discipline” with Sharifa Oppenheimer
communicating with love even when we have to set boundaries.

“Mothering/Fathering Our Sons: Two different tasks” with Janet Allison
parenting boys and girls is different. Janet gives the science behind it as well as tips.

“Ready to Write: Readiness Tips” with Lesley Arnold
excellent workshop about writing

“Times Tables Tricks & Patterns” with Marin Lipowitz
fun ways to learn times tables

“Teaching the Letters” with Howard Schrager
great for those starting first grade

“Boys Alive! Bringing out their best” with Janet Allison

Waldorf teacher Janet Allison gives the differences in how boys’ brains work and tips for teaching and communication with them. Raved about workshop!

“Computers & Waldorf Homeschooling” with Eugene Schwartz

Renowned Waldorf teacher Eugene Schwartz talks about this controversial topic and how computers, social networks and media play into our family and homeschooling lives.

“Bread Baking with Children” by Warren Lee Cohen

Warren Lee Cohen, author of Dragon Bread and Waldorf teacher brings amazing energy to this lively audio that will inspire you to easily let baking become an important rhythm in your family.

“Using Grains in a Gluten-Free World” with Anne Marie Fryer-Rybolt

Can I still bake bread with my child if we’re gluten-free? Anne Marie gives an amazing amount of uselful ideas, recipes and explanation on how to bring fermented foods and grains into your world.

“Foreign Language in the Home” with Jennifer Tan

Fantastic, practical ways to help you teacher your child another language even if you don’t!

“Teaching & Talking About Reproduction” with Rick Tan

A touchy subject that Rick handles beautifully in this training. A must for everyone!


“3 Secrets to Create Care-free Days with Preschoolers” with Donna Ashton

What do you do with a 4, 5 and 6 year old? Moms start to struggle with needing more structure, but still want to offer a “play-based” preschool. Donna gives ideas on how to mesh those together with joy and ease.


“Creating Waldorf Kindergarten at Home” with Christine Goodale
how to have structure for your 5 and 6 year old with academics

“Kindergarten Days” with Sharifa Oppenheimer
creating a Waldorf kindergarten in the home

Middle/High School

“Expectations of Waldorf Curriculum: Middle & High School” with Eugene Schwartz

See how the Waldorf curriculum meets your child at every age/stage and how this helps them cross over into the upper grades. Amazing talk with Eugene!

“Scheduling Middle & High School” with Kristie Burns

Ideas for main lesson, planning and dealing with the upper grades


“Festivals with Children” with Donna Ashton

Tips on creating festivals, the main Waldorf festivals and how to not let it get you stressed and overwhelmed.

“Playgroups, Co-ops & Festivals” with Jean Miller

Great ideas for creating a community to support your Waldorf homeschooling.

“Seasonal Celebrations with Spring” with Eileen Straiton
great tips and inspiration for spring in your home & celebrations

“Festivals Through the Year” with Jennifer Tan
great workshop to bring Waldorf festivals into your yearly rhythm

Steiner Stuff

“Steiner’s Lectures to Teachers” with Jean Miller

Jean details her Top Ten Take-aways from Steiner’s first lectures to Waldorf teachers and how you can relate these to homeschooling.

“Steiner’s 12 Senses” with Kristie Burns

Think you only have 5? Kristie gives over 75 minutes of info about the senses and how they relate to your child and their education.

“Steiner’s Milestone” with Judy Forster

Wondering why Steiner indicates certain subjects for certain grades? Judy explains the “whys” behind the curriculum.


Kristie Burns Holistic Homeschooling

Kristie Burns Holistic Homeschooling

Becca Richards Dynamic Mothering with the Four Humors

Becca Richards Dynamic Mothering with the Four Humors

“It’s OK to be Waldorf-y” with Robyn Wolfe

Not 100% waldorf? No problem. Robyn studies what makes this “waldorf” and how important it is to make your homeschool fit YOU. Great info for everyone!

“Coming of Age: Guiding Girls into Womanhood” with DeAnna Lam

An amazing resource for anyone who has a daughter, niece or young girl in their life. Will totally shift your thinking about honoring ourselves as women.

“Nourishing Traditions in our Homes” with Sally Fallon
excellent resource from the guru of natural cooking!

“Raising Green Kids” with Suzy Hawbaker

Fantastic tips and ideas for “going green” with your family.

“Bringing New Spirituality to our Children” with Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways.

“Simplicity Parenting” with Kim John Payne

Wonderfully enlightening talk about ways to bring simplicity to your home and child’s routine. Includes bonus: 30 minutes with Katharine Payne as she answers questions relating to Waldorf Education

“Extra Lesson with Sensitive Children” with Ingun Schneider
amazing talk for those with sensitive, spectrum or those who could benefit from extra lesson work

“Kids Can Heal Themselves” with Kristie Burns

Kristie explains how kids can integrate natural healing into their lives.

“Nurturing Ourselves as Mothers” with Heather Fontenot

How can we give to our family, if our own vessel is empty? The importance of support and taking care of ourselves
in this beautiful talk.

“Finding Sacred Moments in Everyday Life” with Elizabeth Sterling

Excellent ways to become present in your own life and have gratitude for the little things.

“Cooking with Children” with Anne Marie Rybolt

Bring the gift of cooking and fresh food to your child.

“Aromatherapy for the Child, Parent & Home” with Jennifer Tan

Use aromatherapy with your children, around the home and for yourself! Easy tips and tricks!

“Opening the Doorway to Adolescence” with Janet Allison

Janet explores ways to start now bridging the communication gap with your child. Plus ideas and inspirations for those with tweens and teens.