Expo Package Purchase

Do you wish someone could just sit down
and “show you”? Read on!


What you will get from the workshops:

~Grade Overviews (1st-8th) so you know what is expected in each grade!

~Planning Workshops that will give you a foundation for organizing and planning your year

~The Secret to Homeschooling with Multiple Children

~Parenting workshops to create communication and rhythm in your relationships.
Homeschooling without open relationships will be a struggle!

~Many, Many other amazing classes on music, handwork, etc. so you can decide
what you would like to add to your curriculum.

~Curriculum Information explained so you won’t waste money buying something
that doesn’t fit your family

What Other Moms are Saying:

“I am finding that having the downloads are helping me to relax and be more
grounded, instead of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and trying to manipulate
too much all at once….I am usually a book person and bought the series to supplement
books I had bought.  I am finding I really like the downloads. The same material takes
on so many new dimensions when I *hear* the author explain things….makes me feel
truly connected to them!” –  Cat C

“I’ll be listening again and again as the children grow.  It gives me confidence to have
those seeds planted now so I have some sense of direction for the future and also to be
learning some ‘theory’ along the way.Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this”.-Jeanette

Waldorf Connection Expo Package $87  MP3 & PDF’s transcripts

Includes over 15+ hours of Amazing workshop content!! Plus 3 bonus talks not available anywhere else!

*What Grade should my child be in?- Rainbow Rosenbloom

*Simplicity Parenting- Kim John Payne plus
Q&A Session with Katharine Payne

*Steiner’s 12 Senses- Kristie Burns

*Seven Skills Parents Can Use to Invite Cooperation- Adele Faber

*Steiner’s Milestones & the Reasons Behind Them- Judy Forster

*Handwork: Planning Your Year- Jennifer Tan

*Recorder/Penny Whistle Intensive- Jodie Mesler

*From School to Homeschool- Tammy Takahashi

*Creating Rhythm to your Day- Shariffa Oppenheimer

*Grade Overviews: 1st-3rd,4th-5th,6th-8th

*Pentatonic Music & Foreign Language Program- Dr. Aurore Henze

*Homeschool Planning Made Easy- Melisa Nielsen

**PLUS 3 Bonus talks from Homeschool Moms on how they plan
their homeschooling year 


You also get all the workshops in PDF format!
Highlight, make notes, print what you need from the
captivating workshops from the Expo Series!
Perfect to begin your planning with.

***Looking for Individual Workshops?  More Info here…