Waldorf with a young child

Are you a mom with young children looking for ways to create a solid and holistic, nurturing environment for your child? You have a pre-school aged child and are looking for what to “do” with them.  If you are anything like I was, I felt like some type of schedule helped keep us in a good … [Read more...]

Healthy Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

By Michelle Yera When it's hot out, there’s no better way to cool off than with a refreshing & healthy frozen treat!  Skip the store bought variety and make your own, it’s easy and much healthier.  You’ll feel refreshed and satisfy your sweet tooth while eating fresh fruits and possibly even … [Read more...]

10 Indoor Summer Activities for Kids

By Michelle Yera Has it been a rainy summer where you live?  It’s been raining almost every day in Georgia for the past few weeks!  I typically take my daughter to the park or pool daily during the summer and we’ve had to spend more time inside than we are used to.  This has caused us to get … [Read more...]

Summer Soltice and the New Waldorf Family

First, I want to welcome my new assistant at The Waldorf Connection, Rebekah! She is a Waldorf mom homeschooling and keeping things running smoothly here. Rebekah Craycraft first became acquainted with Waldorf education while researching homeschooling methods. She knew she wanted to take a … [Read more...]


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