If you’ve been wanting to give your child the ultimate springboard to success, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for:

Living the Waldorf Life Homestudy


How to Create a Fabulous Nature & Play-Based Foundation for Your Child, Gain Peace of Mind and Confidence to Stand Up to Cultural Pressures, and Give Your Child a Springboard to Success.

If YOU’RE Ready to Embrace the Waldorf Lifestyle While Creating an Environment to Raise an Imaginative, Caring Child with a Love of Learning & Nature, this is for YOU…

From: Donna Ashton
Coastal, South Carolina

Dear committed parent,

Whether you are new to Waldorf or just thinking about how to make it work for you, chances are that you’re on this page because you’ve considered Waldorf education before, but weren’t sure where to start.

Or, perhaps you’ve tried to figure out how to make the changes to your home and life but it didn’t work out “right”, seemed too hard or perhaps your confidence was not where it could be and you started second guessing your decision.

Or maybe you looked at all you had to do and thought you don’t have the time for this and threw in the towel (before you even gave it a chance)…

If any of the above sound like you, or even if you simply are ready to go and want to get it right from the start, then I have an amazing opportunity for you, the likes of which you will never have seen before.
[divider top=”0″] Hi, I’m Donna Ashton, long-time Waldorf homeschooling mom, author, parenting coach, advisor, and the founder of the “International Association of Waldorf Homeschooling” (IAWHS).Donna Snapshot 1 (6-13-2013 1-58 PM)

When I started my online business at back at the end of 2010, I set it up with one clear intention in mind:

To be successful in my business by helping as many other families be as successful as possible.

Whether I was coaching people around how to homeschool, or helping people to create a thriving Waldorf Lifestyle, my goal was the same – to do the best job possible and to help as many people as possible. I wanted to make it easier for them than it was for me.

After several years of Living a Waldorf Life I realized that:

*Our days were joyful and a lot of fun
*My kids were thriving, healthy and so happy!
*I felt secure and confident with the path I had chosen
*Our lives became woven with the rhythms of nature

As a conscious parent your goals are to nourish your child as a whole individual, give them confidence to express themselves in their unique way, nurture creativity balance and independent thinking, allow them to focus on what interests them,
cultivate a love for learning and  more important- allow them enjoy being a child.

homeworkThe trend of educating our children younger and younger seems to have reached outrageous proportions. Testing and expecting 4-5-6 year olds to adhere to unrealistic expectations of reading and math have started a new trend in many schools – 3rd grade burn-out.

By age 9, they have had years of too much, too soon and have grown weary and stressed out of this forcing of early academics. The love of learning is squashed down by this approach. In the last 2 decades, children have lost 8 hours of play per week.
bbcI want to show you another way.

If you have found your way here, you are ready to step forward.
You might be nervous. You might feel overwhelmed.
Maybe you’re stuck.

But you are passionate, committed and READY.

Ready to release the pressures of society and embrace
a lifestyle that allows your child to unfold naturally.

Ready to create the best foundation to raise an imaginative, caring,
child with a love for learning and nature.

Ready to have peace of mind that you have chosen the
right path.

And ready to proactively and consciously offer this
lifestyle to your child NOW.

If this sounds like you, then I am excited to invite you
into my “Living the Waldorf Life” online program.

One thing I have learned from 9 years of homeschooling
and living a Waldorf lifestyle- you can slowly figure it all out by yourself.

Or you can reach out and let my hand pull you up and ease your way.

We can do it together.

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[heading style=”1″]What is a Waldorf Lifestyle?[/heading]







Waldorf means creating an enhanced environment that allows freedom for play and lets your child
unfold at their own pace. By living in a simplistic way that is not hurried, or stressful it
allows space to breathe and for your child to bond deeply with their play and surroundings.

It means offering natural playthings and open ended toys to boost imagination and creative
dramas. It is all about play at this age, but play is a precursor to learning.

This lifestyle is highly connected  with nature and being outdoors daily.
It creates a warm, loving peaceful cocoon for your child to develop as they are intended.

It is filled with music, beautiful art and movement.  Its about working together within the
so the child understands purposeful work and participates.

It’s about an in and out flow of rhythm to your days that creates a balance and consistency
that children thrive on. (and it’s pretty good for you too)

It’s about letting a child be a child and not forcing them to “wake up” before they are ready.

butterfly brookgreen







[heading style=”1″]Here’s How This Works For YOU[/heading]

This training comes to you in a format that anyone can work with, with each of the 6 modules comprising of a training handout and audio recording plus any homework exercises and a transcript of each audio. You’ll also receive step-by-step guides, all-important checklists, invaluable resource lists, fill-in-the-blank forms and templates, rhythm examples, menu planner, and sample handouts – there’s even a Lifestyle Map & Calendar to track your progress and your goals!

Literally everything you could want to create, plan and implement your Waldorf Lifestyle is provided to you through this Training – and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

If you’re ready to learn more about the all-new Living the Waldorf Life Course, then here’s the full scoop…

Living the Waldorf Life Course

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In this Training you will learn…


Module 1: Understanding What Waldorf Is
Let’s start at the heart of what Waldorf is all about. You can’t really live this lifestyle without understanding the reasons and philosophy behind it all. (And it will make it much easier to explain to family & friends if YOU get it) It’s not hard you just need to have it explained in a digestible way. We’ll start with founder Rudolf Steiner’s teachings on child development, the 4-bodies, the 12 senses and more.
Module 2: Getting It All Done Without Exhaustion : Daily & Weekly Rhythm
This is the key to creating a lifestyle that feels relaxed, flowing and can breathe. I am a BIG advocate of getting your pillars of the day in place. It creates a consistency which frees you (mom) to be present and have fun with your child instead of feeling frazzled and a step behind. We will get your daily and weekly rhythm structure in place during this week.
EXCITING COMPLIMENTARY BONUSES:TEMPLATE: “Bird Eye View of Your Daily & Weekly Rhythm”TEMPLATE: “My Ideal Day”POSTER: “Menu Planner”HANDOUT: My Rhythm -Sample Day
Module 3: Be Present & Centered For Your Child Using Inner Work
This week I will help get you centered so you can be the shining light that grounds your household. You need confidence to guide your family on this journey. Having boundaries in place will stop overwhelm and guilty “yes’s”. Balancing your life with your own self-care can be one of the hardest parts for us as moms. We want to give, give, give.. But we can’t be effective when we are empty. You will get some exercises for self-care and create a calendar of your personal self-care activities.
EXCITING COMPLIMENTARY BONUSES:POSTER: Meditation Self-Care Exercise Worksheet & Calendar HANDOUT: “Bedtime Child Reflection”
Module 4: Creating A Nourishing Cocoon That Honors Your Child's Senses
Environment This week we will get into the nuts and bolts of your child’s living space. Toys, noise, clutter, and simplifying are the heart of this module. Did you know that too much surrounding your child can cause her to develop shallow play habits? And a feeling of overwhelm. We will clear out and simplify during this week.
EXCITING COMPLIMENTARY BONUSES:POSTER: “Keep It Simple”HANDOUT: Declutter Exercise WorksheetHANDOUT: Toys & Materials Resource Tool
Module 5: Play Sets Your Child Up For Success
Your young child’s job is to play and this week we will talk about inside and outside play. What is meant by “play” and how all of this can actually help your child with future academics. Plus, You will get the bonus “Playful Learning” Tool that you can take back to your family to show how much your child is actually learning.EXCITING COMPLIMENTARY BONUSES:

POSTER: What Your Child Learns While Playing

TEMPLATE: Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor Play

HANDOUT: Benefits of Play

Module 6: Embracing Nature, Seasons, Festivals & Celebrations As Curriculum
The world is based on rhythms. Each season ebbs and flows in a spiritual rhythm that we have lost in our modern day. We spend most days indoors with clocks instead of experiencing the sun and moon as our calendars. Bringing this gift to your child can do so much to center and balance. We will talk all bout the wonders of seasons and how just looking outside your window is enough learning. Rituals, Festivals and celebrations are a large part of a Waldorf lifestyle and you will get the inside scoop on how to make it all work.


HANDOUT: Seasonal Curriculum Samples

TEMPLATE: How to Celebrate a Festival

HANDOUT: Most Popular Waldorf Festivals

BONUS Module Living with Waldorf in the 21st Century
We create this cocoon and protect our children but what happens when we step outside our door? How can we still filter and protect their senses while participating in life these days? I will give you tips and ideas with talking with family and friends, spending time with neighbors and playgroups and so much more. EXCITING COMPLIMENTARY BONUSES:

HANDOUT: “Keys to Communicating with Family”

POSTER: Be the FUN Family on the Block

Feedback Forum
You get to ask specific questions or request clarification during this live course. Chat with other moms like you to share ideas, experiences and inspiration.
Living Waldorf Reading List
Learn from some of Donna’s favorite experts.
[heading style=”1″]What is Possible From This Course?[/heading]

Whether you have a headstart or are brand-new to a Waldorf Lifestyle, by following the step-by-step
course you could have everything in place by the end of our 6 weeks together!

This means peace of mind that you have everything in place for your child to be nourished, healthy,
and creative. It means you building the confidence needed to say this is
the perfect environment for my child. It means creating a beautiful, clutter-free life that
allows energy to flow and simplicity to grow.

It is everything your child needs to be the best they can be- and isn’t that what it’s all about?
Mother and Daughter Reading Together

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Here's a ReCap of What You Get With Living the Waldorf Life Course

1).Self-Paced Lessons. Easy to access information is all contained on one webpage where you can access at your convenience. No showing up at a certain time, just you learning when it is good for You. All content can be downloaded onto a computer, ipad, ipod, etc so you can also learn on the go and share with spouse.

Class 1: Understanding the Waldorf philosophy foundation
Class 2: Getting it all done without exhaustion & frustration: Rhythm
Class 3: How to center yourself to be present for your child: Inner Work
Class 4: Creating a nourishing cocoon that honors your child’s senses: Environment
Class 5: Benefits of play and how play sets your child up for success
Class 6: Embracing nature, seasons, festivals & celebrations as your curriculum

2.) PDF Lesson Summary This allows quick read-able access to the weeks content. Easy to print out, make notes or highlight resources.

3).Feedback Forum You get to ask specific questions or request clarification. Chat with other moms like you to share ideas, experiences and inspiration.

4.) Tools, Handouts & Exercises Sprinkled within the course are bonus support tools you can use while creating your Waldorf lifestyle. These can be very helpful when talking with your spouse, family & friends.

5.) Extra Training Module Living with Waldorf in the 21st Century: Media & Pop Culture Challenges

6.) Living Waldorf Reading List Learn from some of Donna’s favorite experts.

garden #11

I know you are busy, so I want to make this easy.
My goal is to make your learning experience as easy & enjoyable as possible.

That’s why every module is delivered in multimedia format. Watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your iPad or iPhone. You’ll receive MP3s, weekly PDF workbooks, resource guides, and templates. Simple.

This course is based on 6 simple steps to immerse you in the basics of a Waldorf Lifestyle.
You have an opportunity to provide a foundation for your child that will last a lifetime and will affect the way they learn, love and see the world.

New research shows that for early childhood, playful learning is a much more effective
method for children to learn. It really uses the child’s natural curiosity and creativity.
There is actually greater gains in learning through playful learning than there is through
direct instruction.

“Guided play advances cognitive skills like language, reading, math, as well as social
like emotion regulation” says Dr. Katherine Hirsh-Pasek, psychologist and
playful learning advocate.









“OK, Donna I’m ready! I am super excited to have access to everything I will need to create the
lifestyle for my child that will give them the springboard to develop into the individual
I know they can be. I clearly see the amazing value of  this program and I can’t wait to get started!”

Tuition  Only $397  for the entire program and bonuses!
SALE $157  (7  2 copies left at this price)

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Printable PDF Info & Benefits Sheet for Living the Waldorf Life course

 Click here for FAQ for this course



By the way did you know that play is scientifically proven to….

  • Enhance creativityplaytime
  • Build imagination
  • Promote social skills
  • Advance physical development
  • Enrich language and literacy
  • Increase cognitive abilities



“People will object that the children learn to read and write too late. That is said only because it is not known today how harmful it is when the children learn to read and write too soon. Reading and writing as we have them today are really not suited to the human being till a later age – the eleventh or twelfth year – and the more a child is blessed with not being able to read and write well before this age, the better it is for the later years of life.” – By RUDOLF STEINER, The Kingdom of Childhood

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