Homemade Bug Spray

bug postBy Michelle Yera

I try to spend as much time outside with my daughter as possible, but during this time of year it takes some effort.  Not only is it *hot* but it’s very buggy.  Bugs are just part of living in the south and we’ve had a very wet summer which means lots of mosquitoes.

My daughter gets huge red welts when she gets bit so I have to cover her up with spray when we will be outside for any length of time.  I usually purchase an all natural herbal bug spray from the store, but this year I decided to try making my own.  It was surprisingly easy and really works!

There are numerous recipes for homemade bug spray online.  I selected this one because it seemed simple and I had all the ingredients handy.

Homemade Natural Bug Spray
Recipe courtesy of Robyn’s View
1/4 cup Witch Hazel
1/4 teaspoon Citronella Essential Oil
1/4 teaspoon Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil
1/4 teaspoon Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Measure and pour into a small spray bottle. Shake before each use.

As I was searching online for the bug spray, I found a recipe for Bug Bite Salve and decided to try making it as well.  We haven’t had to use it much on bug bites but this is an excellent overall salve for dry skin, cuts/scrapes and even rashes.  I keep a small container in my purse for the inevitable boo boo and have some on hand at home as well.

Do you make your own salves or creams?  What’s your favorite recipe?  Share with us!

Michelle has spent the last 5 years nurturing and raising her daughter in the Metro Atlanta area.  After enrolling her in a Waldorf Morning Garden program, her interest in the Waldorf method unfolded naturally.  As Client Services Manager for The Waldorf Connection, she provides the support for projects that parallel her own personal parenting values.

Photo credit: Micky** / Foter / CC BY