Healing Herbal Remedies

After this kit selling out right before Christmas, I got on the waiting list for 2013. When they came available, I snagged one quick.

I felt like a kid when my package arrived.. (photo of kit I took) We began with the recommended Echinacea tincture. The DVD made it easy to follow the directions and we had it done within 30 min. Now, it takes 6 weeks to be “done”.

Last weekend we made the calendula healing salve (ooohhhh!) It was a lot of fun for the girls (and me!)

Here are a few photos of us making it.




I have always loved growing and using herbs. This year, I hope to extend our herbal garden to include more medicinal and native healing herbs and plants.

We have been using homeopathic remedies now for about 6 years and someday I would love to have a full repertoire of natural healing tools at my fingertips.