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The Waldorf Connection Homeschool Expo workshops.

Dates: May 27 – June 29 5pm Pacific/6pm Mountain/7pm Central/8pm Eastern

Calls length: approx. 60-70 minutes

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WEEK 1  Thursday May 27- Rainbow Rosenbloom

“Grade Decisions- what level is my child ready for?”

Rainbow Rosenbloom founded Live Education! in the fall of 1997, after 12 years of working with homeschooling families and co-ops, both privately and within the public schools. He studied Waldorf Education at Emerson College in England and worked as a class teacher and a high school teacher in several Waldorf schools. Rainbow also helped to construct an innovative Waldorf charter school program in Monterey, CA and served as its director for 3 years. He has a BA in Philosophy from The University of Tulsa and a Masters degree in Education from Harvard, where he studied Multiple Intelligence Theory with Howard Gardner.

Rainbow will discuss the ins and outs of deciding which grade to place your child into and how Waldorf homeschooling curriculum differs from the Waldorf schools.

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WEEK 2   Tuesday June 1-Kim John Payne

“Simplicity Parenting- using the power of less to raise calmer, happier children”         PLUS* Katharine Payne answers your questions about the grades and homeschooling your children…

Kim John Payne is an Australian who has, for 24 years, worked throughout the world as a counselor, consultant/researcher and educator of both children and adults.  He has been helping children, adolescents and families explore issues such as social difficulties with siblings and classmates, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, and a range of emotional issues such as defiance, aggression, addiction and self-esteem.Kim John Payne, M.Ed, has been a school counselor, adult educator, consultant, researcher and educator for nearly thirty years, and a private family therapist for more than fifteen years. Payne has worked extensively with the North American and UK Waldorf educational movements.  He is currently  Director of the Waldorf Collaborative Counseling program  at Antioch University New England, This is a course aimed at training future Waldorf School & Family Counselors and also teachers to better understand social and emotional issues of children and teens and to support home and school life.

In this workshop, Kim explains why less is more and presents five simple steps you can take to help your child feel calmer, happier and more secure.  This is the work and the workshop which provided the inspiration for Kim’s book by the same name (published in August 2009).  It presents not only the five simple steps, but examples of how to bring “the power of less” into your home on a daily basis.

After completing her Waldorf teacher training at Emerson College, UK, she became a class teacher at the Hartsbrook School, Hadley MA and following that a Handwork/Art & Craft and Music Teacher at the Hawthorne Valley School, NY.  When out the office she still managed to find time to teach private cello lessons. She is a Waldorf K-12 Alum, former class, music,handwork teacher, who now is home schooling her children.

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WEEK 2   Thursday June 3-Kristie Burns

“Steiner’s 12 Senses”

In 1994 after having her first child, Kristie began to focus on education as well as healing, combining the two in many ways. One of her main focuses has been in using her knowledge of the temperaments to assist children in their education as well as their health. She trained to be an early Waldorf childhood educator, and created a Waldorf enrichment school in Saudi Arabia in 1999. She has designed content-rich Waldorf inspired lesson plans through herEearthschooling site. Krisite has lectured at the Waldorf in the Home Conferences and around the world since 2000 and continues to expand on the ideals of a holistic lifestyle, integrating natural living and natural education through her website – and

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WEEK 3   Tuesday June 8-Adele Faber

“Skills Parents Can use to Invite Cooperation”

Adele Faber is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning expert on adult-child communication. Lecturing nationwide, and her group workshop programs are used by thousands of groups throughout the world to improve communication between children and adults. She has traveled across the country presenting humorous and inspiring lectures and workshops to parents, teachers, and mental health professionals. The work she did with nursery schools, teenagers and parents was documented for TV in a series shown on CBS.

Out of all these experiences came the second and third books–the internationally acclaimed How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk (almost two million copies sold) and Siblings Without Rivalry (#1 on The New York Times Best Seller List). These were followed by the group workshop programs that gave parents the opportunity to practice the communications skills in each book.

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WEEK 3   Thursday June 1o-Jodie Mesler

“Waldorf Music- Teaching a blowing instrument”

As a flutist of 25 years, Jodie Mesler has played flute and many other instruments over a wide range of music styles and is an experienced performer and music educator.  She studied music at Clayton State College and University, performing on flute at Spivey Hall and with the CSCU jazz band.  Then from 1993-2000 she was the  flutist and bassist for  The Brian Mesler Band of Atlanta and Athens.  She played more that 1,000 shows as they promoted their contemporary blues CD’s.
Today, her passion is bringing her music curriculum to people who want a natural and artistic approach to music education.  She has a company in Georgia called Home Music Making where she is able to distribute her publications internationally to parents, home educators, and Waldorf Teachers.  She currently teaches her musical approach, The Heart Method, to many students.  Also, she volunteers as music director for her local Waldorf homeschooling group as they have been very supportive in allowing her to share her musical compositions with them for gatherings and festivals.  She also enjoys spiritual homemaking, art, nature and gardening along side with her husband and their three children.

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WEEK 4   Tuesday June 15-Sharifa Oppenheimer

“Creating Rhythm in your Day”

Sharifa Oppenheimer is the author of the best-selling book Heaven on Earth: a Handbook for Parents of Young Children. She was the founding teacher of the Charlottesville Waldorf School, Virginia, where she taught kindergarten for twenty-one years and served as day care director of the early-childhood program. She has helped develop new teachers through teacher-training programs at Sunbridge College in New York State, and at Rudolf Steiner College near Sacramento as a master teacher offering practicum and internship opportunities. She has written many articles on Waldorf education, helping the parents of her students create supportive home environments. Recently she initiated a home-based kindergarten program, The Rose Garden. Sharifa is the mother of three grown sons, who were educated in the Waldorf tradition. She lives in an enchanted forest in Virginia.

WEEK 4   Wednesday June 16- 2 workshops!

“Pentatonic Music & Color Program” Aurore Henze

Aurore Henze is an Ayurvedic Doctor of Natural Health. She
studies Reichian Somatic Therapy under a nationally accredited
licensed psychologist. A Waldorf homeschooling mother of three, she has successfully developed a music therapy program for children. She practices in Ann Arbor, MI.

“Juggling Homeschooling with Multiple Children”- Tanya Burgoyne

Tanya has been homeschooling for over 10 years. She has nine children, ages 19 to 18 months. She strives for simplicity and beauty in her daily life. Her love for her children and homeschooling shines through her energy. She views homeschooling  as an adventure to be a life long learning process and hope to always find joy the journey. She will share her ideas and system of schooling with children from babies to teens!


WEEK 4   Thursday June 17-Tammy Takahashi

“From School to Home School”

Tammy Takahashi is the author of Deschooling Gently: A Step by Step Guide to Fearless Homeschooling, a board member of the California Homeschool Network, and the former editor for the California HomeSchooler magazine, published by the Homeschool Association of California. Tammy’s articles have appeared in a variety of magazines, including Home Education, Live Free Learn Free, Life Learning and others. Tammy is a regular speaker for the CHN Expo and the HSC conferences. She writes regularly about homeschooling and education in general at her blog, Just Enough and Nothing More (


WEEK 4 Super Saturday! June 19

“Grade Overview 1st-3rd” by Rick Tan 4:30pm est

Rick Tan is a Waldorf teacher who is currently working as a second grade teacher for East Bay Waldorf. Rick is a professional artist, designer, woodworker, and musician.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the biological sciences from UC Davis, and a medical doctorate from University of the East in the Philippines. He is completing his teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College. Rick’s Five Spheres of Waldorf Education guides the parent and teacher into the spiritual and practical elements of Waldorf. Learn more about Rick in his blog, and through other websites he shares with his wife Jennifer, a fiber artist and educator,,, and

Rick’s workshop will include curriculum overview, rhythm of the main lesson, some Waldorf-based developmental background, and what he calls the Five Spheres, which gives any teacher or parent a foundational framework from which to begin and pursue the homeschool journey.

“Grade Overview 4th & 5th”Sylvia Hurdle, Linden Waldorf School Teacher

12pm est

Sylvia Hurdle has been teaching and assisting in Waldorf Schools for 16 years.  She took the pioneer class of Linden Waldorf School from kindergarten through eighth grade.  She is the mother of 3 children who have benefited from a Waldorf upbringing.  Her two daughters attended the Pasadena Waldorf School through 5th and 2nd grade when the family moved to Nashville.   Her son attended Linden Waldorf from pre-school to 8th grade.  Most recently, she has taught middle school math and this year has been the fourth grade class teacher.  Sylvia received her Waldorf training from an extension program of the Waldorf Institute of Southern California and has attended many conferences and intensives at Rudolf Steiner College. She will be exploring the amazing changes that take place during the 4th and 5th grade years. She has a magical quality about her that you will not want to miss!

“Grade Overview 6th-8th” by Barbara Dewey- 1:30 pm est

Barbara Dewey is a pioneer of the Waldorf Homeschool movement.  She is a private consultant for homeschoolers using the Waldorf Method, she publishes a quarterly newsletter, writes publications, provides lecture tours, and spends her spare time with family and friends, enjoying her unique solar home, and developing her farmland. She is the mother of four and grandmother to six.Barbara holds an M.S. in Waldorf Education from the Waldorf Institute of Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, N.Y. and a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Rochester. She has been teaching for 46 years. She has taught public school, led a large 4-H club, owned and operated a preschool, and been involved with and directed a childrens camp and its youth wilderness programs.


WEEK 5   Tuesday June 22-Judy Forster

“Steiner’s Milestones & the reasons behind them”

Judy is a Fiber Artist, a dyer working with natural plant dyes, and a Waldorf Trained Handwork teacher (knitting, crochet, hand sewing, embroidery, felting…you get the idea). After teaching and working full-time for over 16 years (at two different Waldorf school and with homeschool groups), she retired to spend more time with her daughter. I teach homeschoolers handwork one or two days a week in my home.
She also started an Etsy site where you’ll find plant dyed stuff–yarn, felt, spinning and felting fibers, handmade toys and hats, and more.  We homeschooled grades 2, 3, and 4 in a Waldorf way.  When we moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2000 so that my husband and I could work at the Waldorf school there, our son joined the 5th grade class and went all the way through the Waldorf High School.
Places to find Judy Forster/ Mama Jude–
Ravelry (a knit and crochet community) Mamajude
Twitter  Plantdyedstuff (plant dyed stuff)


WEEK 5   Thursday June 24- Jennifer Tan

“Handwork: Planning Your Year”

Jennifer is a very multi-talented fiber artist, musician, aromatherapist, and homeschooling mom of three children. She owns Gosh Yarn It! webstore and sells her amazing goods there and at her site Syrendell. Featured on HGTV’, Jennifer’s creativity in many areas pour out into her Waldorf-inspired schooling and wonderful creations. Her family’s homeschooling blog is and

Jennifer will cover how to plan month-by-month, creating a rhythm for weekly handwork, when/where to purchase supplies, how to store supplies, and creating a handwork space in the home.

WEEK 6  Tuesday June 29- Melisa Nielsen

“Planning Your  Homeschool Year”

The Nielsen’s are a family that has walked the Waldorf road for many years.  Melisa and Erik have four children ranging in age from 3 years to 13 years.  Melisa homeschooled back in the days when there were not many options for curriculum, so she began writing her own and later published her work in a continuing series called “A Journey through Waldorf Homeschooling”.  Melisa and Erik feel very strongly that Steiner’s work is inspired and should be available to anyone who wishes it.  They have a strong commitment to the Waldorf homeschooling community.  Their work is internationally known and used by homeschooling families as well as teachers. You can visit them at or NIELSENFAMILYCOMPANIES.COM.

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