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    Rhythm & Organization:
    How to Manage Your Time,
   Simplify Tasks, & Align with Your Family Values

     4 simple steps to help you create a daily & weekly rhythm that
     fits you and your family.

      Find your priorities, streamline your environment, discover your
     family’s values and how those steer your activities in a
     conscious way.

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Are your days flowing with a peaceful rhythm?

Sometimes what we think we need to learn is not at all
where we need to start.

I quickly discovered as a busy homeschooling mom that
having a solid foundation to my days was far more important
than what lesson I would be teaching that day.


Yes. Without a good in-and-out- breath to your days, you spend
a lot of wasted energy trying to stay “one step ahead” of your kids
(without letting them know!)

When they ask, “What’s for lunch?  What are we doing today? ”
Do you cringe and think “I wish I knew!”

Or.. do you have a plan but get easily distracted or blown off

Shockingly, after my first year with The Waldorf Connection when I
did a survey on what topics/classes my community wanted to hear-

87% asked for help with daily rhythm, organization
and hot to get it all done.


Fortunately, I have some expertise in that area.

As a homeschooling mom with twin girls who runs a full-time
business from home and tends to household duties… I have
learned (sometimes the hard way) how to structure my days
to work for me and my family.

I would love to help YOU discover your Ideal Daily Rhythm!


Rhythm & Organization:

 How to Manage Time, Simplify
 Your Tasks & Align with
 Family Values

The Ebook  “Rhythm & Organization will guide you through how to
make rhythm work for YOU..includes rhythm templates, top 3 challenges,
meal plan ideas, family values discovery and much more!

Have you been wondering how to create a flowing in- and -out rhythm
to your days and weeks?

Does it seem you are always one step behind your day?
You know trying to get everything squeezed in and still
not enjoying the fun stuff?

Does the thought of adding homeschooling to your
already chaotic life feel like it’s not an option?

This ebook walks you through the steps to creating
that rhythm you have been craving for yourself
and your family.

A solid rhythm/schedule is the Number 1 KEY to creating a harmonius 
home-life and homeschool.


Love your ebook! Clear concise and totally easy to follow. I am
 working on my rhythm and it is coming together nicely.
Thanks, Donna!”  Sarah T.

“I never realized the word Rhythm was more than a term for music until your website. I knew that my rhythm was way off, so I purchased your Rhythm program and dove in. We now have a nature table in our house because I learned about how to bring God’s beauty in the house by having a place to keep our special discoveries from our nature hikes. I am so thankful”- Michele Sandoz