Creating a warm & nourishing homeschool

Portrait of beautiful mother with love hugging her precious daughter in bright yellow sunlight in the park, happy family life

What can compare to a loving hug? Or a snuggle on the couch with your child?

When it comes to homeschooling, an aspect you may not have thought of before is warmth.

And not just the “wearing a sweater” warmth (though that is important!) I mean the content, warm feeling that resonates inside us when we are in a loving, nourishing environment.

You know what I mean; the warm fuzzies.

I believe having this atmosphere is as important as the curriculum we choose.

We want our children to thrive and be open to learning all around them.
What better way than to provide them with a rich, comforting foundation to start from?

Here are a few ways to stir those fuzzy feelings:

Consistent, balanced rhythm: Nothing will help you or your child more than to have a solid rhythm to your days and weeks.

Quality time: Yes, you have heard this one before. How precious is it to be able to give all of yourself to your child even for only 15 minutes without distraction? They know the difference.

Happy Mom: This is a big part of the whole atmosphere of your home-you! If you are stressed and “empty” how can you nourish your family? Don’t forget self-care in your routine to ensure a mindful mom.

Simplify: This includes your schedule, your belongings, your “to do” list…ahhh yes, it is easier said then done.  Open space breeds energy and creativity for you and your child. Less really is more.

Play: This goes for you as well as your child. Give your child TONS of time to play and express themselves, but don’t forget you thrive on the same! Be silly, blow bubbles, hop like a frog and paint out in the back yard.

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