Celebrating the Spring










Spring is my favorite time of the year. Whether is it because of the renewal of
life, the blooming flowers, beautiful weather or my birth month- it doesn’t matter.

I feel this stirring inside that is waiting to get out and spring becomes a true new year
for me.

“Spring is coming! Spring is coming!
Birdies fill your nests”

We have always celebrated the spring equinox by planting our
spring garden. Depending on weather, choose seeds you can watch sprout or
put in tiny plants to nourish.

We have always planted wheat grass or cat oats (these are easier and the cat gets to reap the reward when we are done). I try to time this so that we have grass for Easter, but I leave it for weeks after as I love the bright green grass- it feels so springy.







Activities for this time of year are unlimited! We wet felted the eggs in the
picture above using the plastic eggs (taped shut) as a base. Then wrap the wool in
thin strips in different directions and rub in soapy water.

We blew eggs a few years ago and they were beautiful. Blow your eggs and then let them dry.
Then paint or dye in whatever way you wish. They can be saved (if you wrap them carefully) and used for many years.








If you don’t do anything else- get outside! Go see what is poking up from the earth.Watch the leaves slowly unfurl on the trees and bushes. Let your child discover the waking of the earth.

🙂 Donna