Celebrating May Day


Celebrating MayDay by Donna Ashton

The ancient tradition of celebrating the arrival of summer (also called Beltane) and new life is the reason for this beautiful festival. You can bring some fun activities into your home or community and embrace this fertile time of the year – May 1.

Splash Dew: have your young “maidens” splash the first morning dew from ivy, hawthorne or other leaves around your yard (It is said to keep you beautiful and help them dream of their husband! yikes)

MayPole: This can be so much fun, especially done with neighbors or friends. You can actually wrap a tree in your yard with ribbons (see ours above) and use that as the MayPole. My girls would dress up and I made some flower crowns for their hair and baskets of (silk) flowers or whatever found in the yard. We didn’t learn a specific dance (but you can watch some youtube videos and see some if you like) but instead they skipped and weaved around and then “un-wrapped” the opposite way.
Mystery Baskets: We still do this each year. Gather wildflowers from the garden and around
the yard. Greenery, herbs, berries and flowers are all beautiful. Fasten with a rubber band to hold them together, then wrap a wet paper towel around the base and cover with aluminum foil.
Tie a pretty ribbon and you have a tussy mussy, mayday bouquet!


Lay on a loved one’s doorstep and ring the bell. You can leave it a mystery who delivered it or
pop up and surprise them like we did with my mom here. The bouquets can be dried or left in the fridge to preserve for awhile (tip from grandma).


One year I made a maypole cake and invited some young ladies to a fancy tea in our yard. I also ordered some mead wine online as a treat for me and my hubby. You can light a bonfire and enjoy the fragrant blossoms.
Whatever way you celebrate- enjoy the new blooming flowers, tress and new life springing up all around you.


Tell me how you celebrate May Day below…