When life gives you lemons…

Make Lemonade!  Is there anything more refreshing than ice cold lemonade during these last hot days of summer? It is so easy to make fresh, homemade lemonade.  It is also healthier and tastier than store bought.  Below you will find 2 of my favorite recipes. Ginger Lemonade: 2 inches … [Read more...]

Healthier Halloween

Looking for some healthier options to all the Halloween candy? One option is to forgo trick or treating and throw your own party.  This way you can control what your child has access to and encourage healthier eating.  Our Halloween Pinterest board has some great ideas such as ghostly bananas, … [Read more...]

Natural Cold & Flu Prevention

With the official start to Fall just a few days away, I realized it's time to start thinking about cold and flu prevention.  I tend to view sickness as normal and necessary for building the immune system, but definitely prefer to avoid it!  My goal is to support our health and build up our immunity … [Read more...]

Easy Weeknight Meals

This time of year can get very busy with back to school happening.  It always helps if you have some easy recipes to fall back on for those days that you just don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen. I don’t make many soups and stews in the summer but lately I’ve been so busy that I’ve been … [Read more...]

Homemade Bug Spray

By Michelle Yera I try to spend as much time outside with my daughter as possible, but during this time of year it takes some effort.  Not only is it *hot* but it’s very buggy.  Bugs are just part of living in the south and we’ve had a very wet summer which means lots of mosquitoes. My … [Read more...]

Blueberry Picking

By Michelle Yera June and July is blueberry season here in Georgia and there is nothing tastier than blueberries picked fresh from the bush!  A few years ago I found a local blueberry farm that doesn't spray the plants and we've gone back every year since.  I love supporting a local family plus … [Read more...]