Creating a warm & nourishing homeschool

What can compare to a loving hug? Or a snuggle on the couch with your child? When it comes to homeschooling, an aspect you may not have thought of before is warmth. And not just the "wearing a sweater" warmth (though that is important!) I mean the content, warm feeling that resonates inside us … [Read more...]

Fall Festivals

It's shifting into the cozy, crisp time of year (in North America!) The brilliance of color and the cool autumn breezes blow in a longing for coming together and celebrating family. Homeschooling in nature can be a teachers dream and a child's playground. There is so much for the senses to … [Read more...]

Weaving Spring Into Your Homeschool

8 Ideas to Weaving Spring into Homeschooling The Turning of the Clocks has become a celebration of its own in my household. I love having longer nights of light and being able to take a walk after dinner or sit on the porch and watch the twilight birds. Living in a warm climate, spring bulbs … [Read more...]

Waldorf Homeschooling and Media

by Donna Ashton & Anne Cleveland This issue of popular culture and media exposure is the elephant in the room. It’s no secret that Waldorf advocates the elimination of most if not all media in children’s lives. But what is not always voiced is how difficult that can be and just how you do … [Read more...]

Tuesdays Tips

Welcome to Tuesday's Tips! I'm so excited to announce that I will be offering a weekly podcast called "Tuesday's Tips"!! We are still working out the kinks but I thought I would go ahead and post the first audio for you all to enjoy.   … [Read more...]

Natural Cold & Flu Prevention

With the official start to Fall just a few days away, I realized it's time to start thinking about cold and flu prevention.  I tend to view sickness as normal and necessary for building the immune system, but definitely prefer to avoid it!  My goal is to support our health and build up our immunity … [Read more...]

Yoga Through Storytelling

By Michelle Yera Do you practice yoga with your kids? Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Combining movement with storytelling actively engages children, immersing them in the experience in a more meaningful way. Introducing Children to Yoga Through … [Read more...]