Healthier Halloween

Looking for some healthier options to all the Halloween candy? One option is to forgo trick or treating and throw your own party.  This way you can control what your child has access to and encourage healthier eating.  Our Halloween Pinterest board has some great ideas such as ghostly bananas, … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice

We began our day by making paper suns- one side black for the darkness, one side yellow for the sun. Tonight we put the dark side out and in the morning we will change it to the sun!Then we baked spiral cookies..yum.. Here is the recipe, with step-by-step instructions. Tonight we have a few families … [Read more...]

So much to do, so little time…

As we plunge into this first week of Advent, my head is spinning with ideas, thoughts and "shoulds". While washing the dishes, I started thinking about what I really enjoyed about the holidays. And what I don't. Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much time and energy doing things we think we are … [Read more...]

The Tree

My husband puts the lights on our tree each year. I decorate. But, now we have 2 other little elves to help! It is magical to listen to our favorite carols while unwrapping precious ornaments from years past. "Ooh,remember this one?" "We made these last year.." Before children, I had to have a … [Read more...]

The Lantern Walk

We read stories about Saint Martin and sang Lantern songs all day long.. The Lantern Walk is such a magical part of journey to the holidays.. the girls look so forward to this each year and this one was especially so, since they are coming of age to really understand Saint Martin's … [Read more...]

Fairy Capes

I decided to sew Fairy Capes for my girls birthday party. They were surprisingly easy and look great! Maybe someone can use this as a pattern for Halloween costume.Here is a basic tutorial. I used 1 yard flowy fabric. Hem sides and bottom. Measure how long from child's shoulders. I just eyed it up … [Read more...]


We attended our first official Waldorf Festival with the homeschooling group in Asheville, NC.Though it was raining, they set up inside a school used for waldorf-inspired preschool/kindy classes. There was a wonderful puppet-show, fairy wand making, corn-husk doll making and a cider press! We … [Read more...]

Festival File Folder

Here is a great tip now that the season of Waldorf Festivals is beginning. A few years ago, I went online and printed out songs, verses, recipes, etc. for each festival. I started a Festivals folder. So, now I just start at the beginning for Michaelmas and put it at the back when finished, then my … [Read more...]

Day of Love

Here are some sweet treats we received from our favorite Valentine, my hubby. We spent a snuggly, rainy day just enjoying each other. Then me and DH went to a nice dinner. … [Read more...]