Winter Solstice Inspiration

The Winter Solstice is nearly here, and while it means that the cold days of winter still lie ahead, it also means we turn towards the light.  This is such a lovely festival and hope you are excited for this year's solstice.  Do you have your activities planned? If you are still looking for some … [Read more...]

It’s Festival Season!

Festival Season Is Upon Us! With Martinmas just under 2 weeks away, I thought I would do a “Festival Season” post.  It feels like there are constant celebrations from now until Three Kings Day (January 6). We actually started our festival season with Michaelmas, (on Sept. 29) with the coming … [Read more...]

Seasonal Homeschooling Tips

Let Nature Lead You October 8, 2016 by Waldorf Connection Blog Fall greetings! This time of year in North America is a brilliance of color.  The crisp autumn breezes blow in a longing for coming together and celebrating family. Homeschooling in nature can be a teachers dream and a … [Read more...]

Fall Festivals

It's shifting into the cozy, crisp time of year (in North America!) The brilliance of color and the cool autumn breezes blow in a longing for coming together and celebrating family. Homeschooling in nature can be a teachers dream and a child's playground. There is so much for the senses to … [Read more...]

Celebrating May Day

Celebrating MayDay by Donna Ashton The ancient tradition of celebrating the arrival of summer (also called Beltane) and new life is the reason for this beautiful festival. You can bring some fun activities into your home or community and embrace this fertile time of the year - May 1. Splash … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Spring

                Spring is my favorite time of the year. Whether is it because of the renewal of life, the blooming flowers, beautiful weather or my birth month- it doesn't matter. I feel this stirring inside that is waiting to get … [Read more...]

Weaving Spring Into Your Homeschool

8 Ideas to Weaving Spring into Homeschooling The Turning of the Clocks has become a celebration of its own in my household. I love having longer nights of light and being able to take a walk after dinner or sit on the porch and watch the twilight birds. Living in a warm climate, spring bulbs … [Read more...]

Festival of Martinmas

The festival of Martinmas, or feast of Saint Martin is Nov. 11. To honor the patron saint of beggars, we create lanterns that shine brightly and lead us through the now darkening days of fall.   Sample song: "I Go With My Bright Little Lantern" mp3 "I go with my bright little … [Read more...]

Preparing for Winter Festivals

It's Winter Festival time! At least it is right around the corner. Though life seems to speed up this time of year, it also transitions into a magical phase of gathering and giving.   The First Festival is Advent which starts Sunday Nov. 29 this year (2015) Advent begins on the fourth … [Read more...]

The Sugar Fairy

By: Michelle Yera Here in the United States we are getting ready to celebrate Halloween. I love Halloween and the Fall season - the changing leaves, pumpkins, hot cider, trick or treating and the general feeling that the holiday season has begun.  What I don't love is the overabundance of candy … [Read more...]