Winter Garden

We planted lettuce, swiss chard and spinach in October for our winter garden. The weather changes this season have been great, so we'll see how it goes. The lettuce is looking crisp.Here are some other pictures of winter interest.Nandina berries Pink Wallflower Great Red Mustard pot with … [Read more...]

Warm as Wool

We are reading "Warm as Wool"It is a wonderful book, but out of print. I get it from our library. We are talking about wool, learning to spin wool into yarn, finger knit, braid and begin to knit with two needles. Cold winter days seem to lend themselves to cozy handwork. We decorated our nature … [Read more...]

Sweeping out the Corners

I purchased a new straw broom, and it is being put to good use! I have spent the last week emptying out my craft/school room, purging, cleaning and re-organizing. What a sigh of relief when I look around and all papers are filed, bins are tidy and labeled and I know where everything is. It is also a … [Read more...]

The Cow jumped over the Moon

Tonight I had one of those sweet moments while driving home with my girls.We were looking up at the moon and stars and they began asking me questions like. "How far away is the moon? Is it farther than Texas and South America? etc.."I started thinking how lucky I am to be able to give them a simple … [Read more...]