Help for Waldorf Homeschool Newbies

I clearly remember when I discovered Waldorf education. My girls were 3 1/2 and I had decided to homeschool. My search led me to this holistic, nature and arts based method. I was so excited! I knew this was exactly what I wanted for them and I jumped in fully. But, after I started looking more, … [Read more...]

Fall Festivals

It's shifting into the cozy, crisp time of year (in North America!) The brilliance of color and the cool autumn breezes blow in a longing for coming together and celebrating family. Homeschooling in nature can be a teachers dream and a child's playground. There is so much for the senses to … [Read more...]

summer rhythm- Waldorf Homeschooling

How I make Summer Rhythm Work by Donna Ashton I get asked a lot about summer rhythm and if it is different than the rest of the “school year”. In our home summer is definitely different, yet the bare-bones structure of our days is still intact. There are no official school lessons, but … [Read more...]


    Lesson Planning by Donna Ashton     Planning lessons can be daunting especially if you have a stack of books and curriculum on your desk that you are eyeing up everyday! No problem. Just break it up into doable chunks and do a bit each week to avoid “cramming” at … [Read more...]

Celebrating May Day

Celebrating MayDay by Donna Ashton The ancient tradition of celebrating the arrival of summer (also called Beltane) and new life is the reason for this beautiful festival. You can bring some fun activities into your home or community and embrace this fertile time of the year - May 1. Splash … [Read more...]