Celebrating May Day

Celebrating MayDay by Donna Ashton The ancient tradition of celebrating the arrival of summer (also called Beltane) and new life is the reason for this beautiful festival. You can bring some fun activities into your home or community and embrace this fertile time of the year - May 1. Splash … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Spring

                Spring is my favorite time of the year. Whether is it because of the renewal of life, the blooming flowers, beautiful weather or my birth month- it doesn't matter. I feel this stirring inside that is waiting to get … [Read more...]

Weaving Spring Into Your Homeschool

8 Ideas to Weaving Spring into Homeschooling The Turning of the Clocks has become a celebration of its own in my household. I love having longer nights of light and being able to take a walk after dinner or sit on the porch and watch the twilight birds. Living in a warm climate, spring bulbs … [Read more...]

Is Waldorf right for my family?

  This is the time of year when many parents are weighing their schooling options. Private school? Homeschool? What curricula? There are many decisions and you want something that feels right. If Waldorf has piqued your interest due to the nature, arts, music and holistic way it … [Read more...]

Form Drawing

Form Drawing- This is one of the very foreign concepts of Waldorf that can seem complicated. What is it? It is an exercise in bringing forth forms (lines, curves, shapes) on paper.  Why do we bring it? With form drawing, the learning comes in "doing" not the final product. In early … [Read more...]

The Silence of Christmas Morning

  My favorite time of Christmas is the wee hours right before everyone gets up. I creep out into the kitchen to turn down our morning crock-pot breakfast (recipe below and I highly recommend as it is delicious and easy.) The tree is lit and brimming with gifts and trinkets. What I love is … [Read more...]