Would you like Waldorf Homeschooling to be easier? Yes, I did too.


Donna Ashton is founder of The Waldorf Homeschooling Connection and author of The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook.  Her business is teaching homeschooling families using Waldorf Education how to simply & successfully create their homeschool.

Donna is an international coach, author, and speaker based in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. She guides her clients with tools, training & resources to build their confidence and allow them to provide their children with an amazing education and value system for life.


Donna chose Waldorf Education when she decided to homeschool her twin girls at age 3. In November 2009, she was struggling with bringing the first grade material to her girls. Her homeschool felt like a jumble of puzzle pieces that wouldn’t fit together. She was overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of things she had to learn as the teacher. Realizing she wasn’t the only one who needed help, she created the online resource, The Waldorf Connection. Donna brought in teachers & experts to train her growing international community.

Six years later, she leads her own online training, live workshops and guides private clients pulling from her 9 years experience homeschooling her own family as well as mentoring/coaching she has done with Waldorf teachers & experts.

You have been called to educate your child. That is a high calling” Donna tells her new clients,“Give yourself the proper training and support to make it work without the stress.

 Donna creates step-by-step online training programs, teaches how to homeschool using Waldorf-inspired methods, and coaches families how to make it work in their busy lives. To get started working with her and make homeschooling a joy instead of a struggle, click here to schedule a Get Acquainted call.

An Interview with Donna:

*How long have you been a homeschool mentor and how did you become an expert
at helping others integrate homeschooling into their busy lives?

I have homeschooled my twin girls since they were 4 (They are now in 7th grade).
My Waldorf studies began when I gratefully stumbled onto the education model while
wondering what on earth I had committed to doing. I have learned from experts, teachers and mentors over the last 9+ years but mostly my education has been through my own experience as a homeschool mom. In 2009, I founded The Waldorf Connection to start training families worldwide. I want Waldorf Homeschooling to be an accessible option to anyone who wants to embrace it. Even the busiest moms who work, or own their own business can do this with the proper instruction.

*Who are your clients?

I love helping busy, high-achieving moms who are brand new to homeschooling. They are very overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. I get them started with the first steps and guide them as they begin their journey.

Most moms are super stressed and under pressure- that can crush their excitement and cause doubts & fears (just like it did when I started!) It’s normal to feel that way.
But, it doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle. There is a learning curve to using an alternative education model like Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. This means that having some training and guidance will make all the difference to create the best homeschool for your child. As well as, make sure you understand what to do and how to do it.


What kind of personality do you work best with?

I work best with people who are ready to commit to a long-term process, not a short-term fix. My clients tend to be busy, high-acheiving yet mindful parents, who have either tried the DIY approach to Waldorf-homeschooling or are just starting out overwhelmed and need structure. They don’t have time to spend researching blogs, books and message boards to figure out what they are supposed to do. They want to give their children the best education, but also want to bring it to them joyfully and without stress. They understand that support & accountability are necessary to become the teacher they want to be for their child, and are ready to invest in themselves and a process that works.

How do you work? What can I expect?

Working with me will mean having a homeschool mentor. You’ll get realistic information that relates to you and your family, a lot of customized accountability and support. I have created an online business so that I can reach people across the world. It’s powerful and gets results. You can expect a lot of value. I always start with a complimentary Get Acquainted Call to make sure that I’m the right fit for you. If you think you want to work with me, please click here to schedule your call.

Can I just sign up for one session with you?

Homeschooling isn’t something you can learn overnight. It takes practice and tweaking. It is a process of using what works for you and part of that is discovering what that is. You have made a life-changing decision to educate your child and that requires a commitment of learning on your part as their teacher.

I am ready to commit to you and your goals, and I only work with clients who are ready to make that same commitment. That’s why I start everyone out with a complimentary Get Acquainted Call to make sure that we’re both ready to commit.

Why do I need you? Can’t I just do this on my own?

How’s that do-it-alone-thing going for you so far? If you look at any goal people achieve – take learning to play piano; you can tinker around and learn some on your own, but in reality it is much easier, quicker and better having lessons with a teacher. The truth is – we’re not meant to do things alone. We’re social. We thrive with support. We need accountability. We are part of a team. And outside perspective is the most important component of us being able to play our best games in life. That’s why sports teams have coaches. Homeschooling can be isolating by nature.
Having a mentor and community to support you makes all the difference.

I’m really busy and overwhelmed. How much time is involved before I get results?

Most of my clients feel more on track and confident after only one session with me. Being busy and overwhelmed is actually one of the biggest reasons to reach out for support. If you feel that way now, how will you handle homeschooling on top everything else?
We’ll look at how to end the busy and overwhelmed cycle so that you can really focus on what you love and are passionate about- bringing the best education to your child.

I’ve never invested in myself like this before. How can I justify this expense?

I remember the first time I hired a mentor. It was a huge expense for me. It didn’t come easy, but I knew I needed the help. Before hiring a mentor, I had spent a lot of money and endless hours of time trying to do this all myself. It was exhausting! I felt too tired to bring the joy and passion to my actual teaching, as I was so bogged down trying to figure out how to make it work! Once I made the commitment to get the training I needed, my life started changing, and it’s still changing in ways that I could have never imagined or put a price on. How much is your child’s education worth? How much is their future and well-being worth? Priceless.

If I’m not quite ready to get started, is there a way to sample your work?

Sure. I’d love for you to sign up for my complimentary Newsletter, where you can read articles, get resources & inspiration, and find out more about what I do. All you have to is add your name and email address into the box at the bottom right of this page. You will also get a free “Getting Started” guide.

What if I am not ready to homeschool yet, but have younger children and want to work on bringing a Waldorf lifestyle to them? I want to give them the best foundation childhood experience I can.

Great! That is a large portion of my community as many families “find” Waldorf when their children are of preschool age. Contact me and let’s see if we’re a good fit. I offer a complimentary Get Acquainted Call to get started and no obligation to continue with me.

I have a few questions for you. Can I talk with you on the phone?

Absolutely. Please click here to schedule a Get Acquainted Call with me. I’d love to answer your questions.


Meet our Client Services Manager, Michelle Yera

Michelle has spent the last 7 years nurturing and raising
her daughter in the Metro Atlanta area. After enrolling her
in a Waldorf Morning Garden program, her interest in the
Waldorf method unfolded naturally. As Client Services
Manager for The Waldorf Connection, she provides the
support for projects and programs that we create here
at The Waldorf Connection. And she is really an awesome part of our team.



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