A New Month, A New Year: Rhythm & Verse

Family home baking - Mother and daughter baking cookies togetherHappy 2017!

It is a new year, which means a new chance to clean-up what is NOT working in our lives & embrace new ways that WILL support us.

What are your goals with homeschooling for the year?

Your rhythm has probably gone out the backdoor after the last month of holidays, right?  No worries!  It is normal and that is part of having a flexible rhythm.

The first step in getting back on track (or creating a rhythm at all!) is to:  Get Real.  Or rather:  Realistic.

Realistic with exactly where you are NOW.

If you have a nursing baby, a toddler and a 6 year old, then planning to “rise before your kids” is probably

Take inventory of your super sticky parts of the day.  You know what I mean; the parts that really give you trouble.  Examples could be:  bedtime, late afternoon, school time, etc..   Or it could be: getting out the door on time, transitioning to another activity, or even having 5 minutes to yourself.

Right now, think of your Top Trouble spots.  Go ahead, write them down!

Now take a look.  Do any ideas come to mind on how to make it easier for you?  Are you giving yourself enough time for your plans/activities?  Should you try re-ordering them so they flow better?  Maybe even shift certain activities to certain days.  Now write our a new Rhythm Plan and give it a go!

Need some help?  Some inspiration?  Join in discussion in our Waldorf Homeschool Newbies group on Facebook 🙂

If you feel like you need some solid guidance, check out my Rhythm Strategy Day program.  You’ll learn how to create the most perfect ideal rhythm & routine that fits your family and
that you can stick to!

Here’s a beautiful poem about the months of the year.  We use each verse during its month and recite during circle time. It is wonderful way to learn the months!

“The Crowning of the Year” by Juliet Compton-Burnett.

The months weave a garland to crown the year,
Its jewels are the leaves and the flower
The golden sun and twinkling stars
The wind and the snow and the showers
Colour and beauty from far and near
Weaving a garland to crown the year

January brings the snow
But hark, the root begin to grow

February brings flowers of light
Petals three of snowdrops white

March’s blossoms- purple, gold
Six petals to the sun unfold

April’s here, gold trumpets sound
And star of white bedeck the ground

May is the month of pink and white
Apple, may, and Parsley light

June brings flowers of rainbow hue
Crimson, gold and heavenly blue

Flowers gay we still may see
Though dark the green on July’s tree

Yellow turn the field of grain
In August sun and August rain

September’s fruit grow good to see
On pear and plum and apple tree

October’s leaves come fluttering down
In shades of gold and red and brown

November’s gift is rich and rare
The beauty of the branches bare

December’s joy in each heart glows
For then was born a Christmas rose

Colour and beauty from far and near
Weaving a garland to crown the year.