4 Keys for Waldorf Homeschool Newbies


You’ve committed to teach your child through Waldorf Homeschooling.
You love the holistic approach of body, mind & spirit.
The natural toys and materials are ideal.
Music and art is exactly what you want for your child.

Now what do you do??

The overwhelm of getting started is very real.
In fact all my clients come to me with similar challenges.

“How do I start?”
“I don’t have the time”
“What do I do first?”
“How do I juggle everything?”

Here are a few basic steps you need to have in place.

Scheduling & Rhythm

I believe having a balanced day, a good flow of activities,
a clear idea of what should be happening is the foundation
of all peaceful homes. You must have this piece in place
to relax and enjoy the nurturing of your family. And it is
a vital key to homeschooling. 

If you try to add the commitment of schooling onto
an already chaotic day, something will give and most
likely it will be you.

Understand Waldorf philosophy and the “why’s”

Rudolf Steiner created this amazing education model in 1919
as an antidote to a materialistic world. Fast forward 100 years
and things have only become faster and busier.

To embrace the true spirit of Waldorf, you’ll need to 
be aware of why certain stories are told at certain ages,
why handwork is important and so much more.

You don’t need an anthroposophical degree, just have
a working knowledge of Waldorf to be effective.

The Arts

The backbone of Waldorf homeschooling is stories, music,
movement, and art. 
The children learn through all of these modalities which is
what makes it so magical!  It can also be what makes it hard
for moms. You don’t have to be an artist or musician to make
it work, just a few steps ahead of your child.

A Plan

Planning is another huge piece of being prepared.
You must know the material you are teaching and
have it scheduled in a way that fits your family and
I rarely followed my yearly plan exactly, but it was my
structure for keeping me on track and making sure
I covered everything.
Plan your entire year even if you’re not sure how fast
you will move. You can always adjust as you go.

And by plan, I also mean a big picture plan on
how you will learn all you need to know to
make this happen! It is a big responsibility to
be your child’s teacher.

As moms we think we can figure it all out.

But you can save so much time, energy and
peace of mind by getting some guidance
and proper training.

Have questions?  Pop into my Waldorf Homeschool Newbies Facebook group or the Waldorf Connection Facebook Page 🙂