30 DAYS-2

Nov.25 - Dec 24 2015    *Show Daily Kindness* Spread the warmth of the season through acts of kindness and love. Whether to your family, friends or a stranger- see how many ways you can find in your heart to show kindness over the next 3o days. I am so excited to do this! Who is with … [Read more...]

The Thankful Tree

thankful tree

I don't remember where I got the idea, but we started the Thankful Tree tradition about 10 years ago. At a time of year that can be busy and materialistic, I wanted our family to feel gratitude for all the blessings we do have. And so the Thankful Tree was created. A few days before … [Read more...]

Festival of Martinmas

martinmas lanterns

The festival of Martinmas, or feast of Saint Martin is Nov. 11. To honor the patron saint of beggars, we create lanterns that shine brightly and lead us through the now darkening days of fall.   Sample song: "I Go With My Bright Little Lantern" mp3 "I go with my bright little … [Read more...]


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