Summer Solstice


I always feel bittersweet about the summer solstice. It is a very outbreath time of year. Fun, sun, beach days and bright evenings. Though the equal day/night means a slow return of darker days as the sun makes it pivotal shift. For celebrating, we have done many different things over the … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Planning


Top Tips for Planning By Donna Ashton * Have a goal in mind: Set a goals for your homeschool and each child. *Be familiar with the material. It helps when searching or adding supplemental projects. Crafts or recipes. *Start an online “folder” for your grade. When you come across a verse or … [Read more...]

Is Waldorf right for my family?


  This is the time of year when many parents are weighing their schooling options. Private school? Homeschool? What curricula? There are many decisions and you want something that feels right. If Waldorf has piqued your interest due to the nature, arts, music and holistic way it … [Read more...]


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