Tips on Beeswax Modeling

besswax butterfly

I purchased our first box of beeswax for modeling when my girls were about 5, but they didn't really get into it until second grade. There is something I love about warming a ball of brightly colored wax in your hands while listening to a story. Once the wax warms, it is moldable. I found … [Read more...]

The Fork in the Road


          The Fork in the Road Over the past few months big changes have taken place in my household. I finally feel ready to write about it. An opportunity to send my girls to a small private school was dropped into my lap last fall.I didn't ask for it, … [Read more...]

Baby it’s cold outside…


Most of the  Northern Hemisphere is experiencing some pretty cold weather, bringing sub zero temps to many.  Luckily, I'm in the South so we aren't below zero, but a low of 17 in the morning is still freezing!  When the weather gets like this I just want to curl up next to the fire, sip some hot … [Read more...]

Get Real! (Rhythm)

Family home baking - Mother and daughter baking cookies together

              A new year, a new chance to clean-up what is not working in our lives and embrace new ways that will support us. Your rhythm has probably gone out the backdoor after the last month of holidays, but no worries. It is … [Read more...]


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