Form Drawing


Form Drawing- This is one of the very foreign concepts of Waldorf that can seem complicated. What is it? It is an exercise in bringing forth forms (lines, curves, shapes) on paper.  Why do we bring it? With form drawing, the learning comes in "doing" not the final product. In early … [Read more...]

The Silence of Christmas Morning

  My favorite time of Christmas is the wee hours right before everyone gets up. I creep out into the kitchen to turn down our morning crock-pot breakfast (recipe below and I highly recommend as it is delicious and easy.) The tree is lit and brimming with gifts and trinkets. What I love is … [Read more...]

What religion is Waldorf Homeschooling?


Many of my clients ask me is Waldorf Christian? Is it Pagan? Is it Spiritual? I know there are plenty of forum and fb posts about this, but I thought since the holidays were approaching, I would share my point of view. I believe this approach can work for any faith. First, Waldorf … [Read more...]


30 DAYS-2

Nov.25 - Dec 24 2015    *Show Daily Kindness* Spread the warmth of the season through acts of kindness and love. Whether to your family, friends or a stranger- see how many ways you can find in your heart to show kindness over the next 3o days. I am so excited to do this! Who is with … [Read more...]


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